John Reid lands Iraq security job

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Contrarian, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. Sorry, it's the Daily Mail but, if true, then it is relevant. Though we can never take for granted the veracity of Daily Mail pieces.
  2. I see he's been misquoted yet again. He said he hoped we'd leave without firing a shot.

    He also got quickly kicked out of the job , when it became bloody obvious he did give a sh*t about the boys and girls. Others can confirm or dent, but wasn't Reid the one that got the whole new equipment ball rolling, with his errr 'direct' approach?

    This is actually a good thing , if he's the local rep that is, as opposed to a seat on the board. 50K doesn't sound that much more, and possibly even less than some operators get?
  3. Somehow, I can`t see Reid roughing it in Iraq or Afghan.

    As a group consultant he will endure "battles of the boardroom" at most. :x
  4. 50K doesn't sound like a board seat Mac , Ex-MP's make more than that, never mind former Cabinet Ministers.

    I think he'll be locally based Mac, and that's a good thing, because the feedback will go all the way back up the chain, he'll be working with Government reps, ours and theirs and no doubt occasionally with our forces if he's going to be on the ground.

    And free from the fetters of Government, I think he'll be his old blunt self. An optimistic view I grant you, but it's the 50K thing that makes me think that's what he might be doing.

    Anyway, as a Private citizen that reads Arrse Mr. Reid, what will you be doing?
  5. my guesses.

    1. g4s want access to his address book.
    2. they believe he can 'open doors' for them.
    3. a 'quid pro quo' for prior arrangements.
    4. g4s want to understand labour 'long term defence strategy' if there is such a thing.
  6. G4S recently purchased Armor Group,London to get into the PMC business.
  7. Maybe I'm missing something here, but although Reid is no longer in the Government, he is still a sitting MP. If he is going to be 'locally based' who is going to be looking after Reid's constituents? Even in current times, when Parliament is increasingly being made irrelevant, I think he might be expected to turn up now and again.
  8. Didn't he announce he was stepping down at the next election?
  9. Indeed he is, released to the press a year last September
  10. ......... and judging from Alastair's recent 'investment' in a Zimbabwe mining concern, other fields as well. :D
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Is he stepping down from Celtic board aswell then?
    50k is nothing I don't know what they expect to get for that
    I would imagine some of Armor Groups guys actuall protecting him would be on at least 100k
    Unless there has been a massive wages slash since the take over?
  12. I have real trouble with this one. I ought to despise Reid because of his membership of the most mendacious, hypocritical and personally avaricious Government I have seen. However, as SofS, he was probably the best we would ever get from such a Government and he did genuinely care about us. However, as with all Ministers, he proved to be transient and we were lumbered with the next half-wit. Consequently, he joins the very short list of Labour MPs who I afford a grudging respect to, even if I cannot agree with his core philosophy.

    At £50K, this sounds like some form of non-exec directorship, based on a number of days per year devoted to the company (and at £50K, that probably equates to about 5 days). He will no doubt go out to Iraq, but I suspect that this will be largely London-based. What do the company get out of it? They get a political bruiser on the staff who, retired MP or not, will still be mixing in his old circles, lobbying for contracts from his old cronies who are in positions to influence Government contracting. He almost certainly knows where many of the skeletons are hidden and will use a mix of threats and bullying to gain advantage for his employer.

    That is the way of the world and the reason why so many of our 'socialist' politicians are millionaires (or certainly well on their way). It is disgraceful, but a political career buys you a front row seat at the trough.
  13. 50k could be a board level seat depending on how many hours he is obliged to do. He might simply attend one meeting a month and have an understanding that he is to introduce the other directors to his political and civil service contacts.
  14. My musing may not have been explained very well. Dr Reid has served as Home Secretary, Defence Secretary, Health Secretary, Northern Ireland Secretary, Scottish Secretary, Minister of State for Transport and Minister without Portfolio. This adds up to a lot of contacts and a lot of "inside" information from a former government "big hitter".

    As a consultant appointed on 17th Dec 08, I believe he will be consulted by the board over pending business moves, and, whilst not being directly involved in these decisions he will have a major influence. At 50K this will be a part time job, although these details have not been released yet.

    I do not share your enthusiasm PTP about his views "going all the way back up the chain". The only chain these will go up is G4S, to increase profitability.

    He has been employed because of his contacts within government, and he will not alienate these contacts which are the very basis for his employability.