John Prescott

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. Just a minor rant here! nothing else to do.
    the advert on tv with JP really boils my piss, there he is in a sweaty vest (ugh) selling insurance.
    my god! it was only recently in High office! Has he no self respect? does he need the money? would it remotely convince you to buy from that company?
    He really shows his true colours as a thug.

    he's a case of matter how you dress a's still a pigs arse.

    Oh same goes for that Iggy pop thing.
  2. God, is he still alive?
  3. Whoever the advertising agency are who dreamt it up did an extremely good job of taking the the piss out of him though. Which must have been difficult because it's hard taking the piss out of shit.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    He is one of the few tits in the world I would gladly walk up to and punch his fuckwit lights out.
  5. i saw the thread title and it raised a hugh grin.
    Imagine how disappointed I was when I found out you weren't announcing his accidental pie overdose resulting in a very painful cardiac arrest.

    I hate these threads that promise so much but don't deliver.
  6. One can only hope.

  7. Let's see now. The three former holders of the highest offices in the land.

    The former strutting the world stage doing after dinner speeches, bringing peace to the Middle East?! and generally avoiding the questions at the Chillcot enquirey.

    The former Chancellor....Seems to have disappeared completely. Last seen telling the poor people of Fife how he saved the world from financial meltdown.

    The former Deputy PM....Selling insurance on the telly and judging by his waistline, spending the proceeds on pies.

    You couldn't make it up!!!!
    Hangings too good for 'em, nail 'em up, I say!
  8. The fat fucker obviously needs another couple of back-up toilet seats.

    What a dick...
  9. So what - the entertainment value of his duty stand-ins for Bliar in PMQs stands supreme - his contributions are still sadly missed.
  10. IMHO there was only one reason that he was ever pushed to the front bench under neu arbeit. He was the token working class grass roots 'man of the people' image that they needed to convince the thick socialist scum to vote for them. It worked.
  11. I would of thought that two Jags the fat overweight Steward in the Merch should be heading up an above the line media campaign for Greggs. If I was working in brand awareness at Greggs then I would of used him. Fat North of England chap who probably likes pies.

    Cornish Pasty - Greggs
  12. He's a sheep shagging six toed Welshman.
  13. And also the sort of low grade intelligence Bliar needed about him in Cabinet so he wasn't pressured for updates on small matters such as going to war without updating trhe Cabinet on the facts.
  14. Now then chaps, we must remember that 2 Jags, the croquette player, the punchy Northern homeboy with mantits is also a bit of a sex god and fucks secretaries when he isn't banging his oh-so-lovely wife. Long time it has been since I gave up wondering how such twats get elected. Let's be honest, isn't it a reflection upon the Great British public ?