John Prescott want to hear from you.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gas Gas Gas, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. He wont want to hear from me, of that I am sure.
  2. apparantly he is doing this between his lying - sorry testimony - to the Iraq enquiry! :twisted:
  3. Go fourth? Go forth & multiply, more like!
  4. So we can go out and do the exact opposite? Or possibly set up ambushes for anybody following the puppet master (ret)'s instructions. Reducation camps will be needed.
  5. GoFourth? Are they complete idiots?

    Or was the campaign designed by the people who wanted to rename Newcastle Poly "City University of Newcastle upon Tyne"?
  6. I suggest they GoFouth and just keep on going fourth until they dissappear off the face of the planet :)
  7. There's actually a post on there ripping Cameron's election poster. Despite having THIS on the front page:

  8. Prescott got a face like your avatar DD :)
  9. Also saw this, which made me chuckle.

    And I didn't realise Eddie Izzard was a Labour collaborator. Was never really a fan, but I shall make a point of avoiding the cunt from now on.

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  10. Go fourth....more likely to come the next election!
  11. I really don't want to hear from John Prescott, in fact he can go forth and not darken my doorstep
  12. Wife's nice, he would have been more honestly placed in the Tory party along with that Bliar character.
  13. He can go and feck off !! :threaten:
  14. I second that :D