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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nico, Nov 24, 2004.

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  1. Just read an article in The Scum, finally we have an MP who has the balls to admit what the majority of this country has been saying for years...who realy gives a toss about Hunting? Anyone who has read any of my notes on here before knows I am whole heartedly pro, but my point here is it is good to know that there is one politician not afraid to speak his mind, and represent the view of his constituents...One further point though, John Reid was saying that a total ban on smoking would leave a situation whee the minority are un protected, therefore he plans to introduce licenses for pubs who wish to allow smoking? Can someone please explain why this thought process was not applied to hunting too, for the hunting ban will not protect the minority, if you wish to do that then licensed hunting would be the Labour way forward...rule for one rule for another! As everyone with half a brain knows, it won't stop here, shooting in all forms, and fishing will be next, The League against Cruel Sports even wishes to ban greyhound racing...maybe it is cruel to let a dog go for a run? or is it to protect the hare!?
  2. Haven't read article, no papers East of Ipswich! The minority in this case is unprotected because President Cherie Bliar has no prospective legal aid to claim from them for Human Rights cases moaning their way through to the Euopean Commission on Gravy Trains. They all have their own money and won't employ someone as expensive to the taxpayer as Matrix.


    Where did that appear from?

    Painters must be coming soon...
    :x :x :p :p
  3. My guess is that:

    5% care passionatly in support of hunting
    5% care passionately about banning it
    90% couldn't give a toss about hunting but care that 900 hours of parliamentary time was given over to the issue when it could have been better used on dealing with the failing schools, justice system, Immigration system, transport system, tax system, and NHS.

    It's the latter catagory that need a constant reminder of the opportunity cost of this Bill and sparking up about it enough to vote against BLiar because of it.
  4. Prescott ought to stick to subjects he knows about - eating all the pies, for example.
  5. It may have been said already: if fox hunting was the sport of Islam it would never have been banned.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    You are right, they love falconing and I can bet that is not banned.....
  7. well said that man..
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Spookily enough Ord_Sgt, you're absolutely right, falconry will still be permitted.

    Weird coincidence, eh ?

  9. Wrt greyhound racing this (if it actually has anything to do with animal welfare at all) is probably under scrutiny because of the high rate of attrition. A horrific number of greyhounds is destroyed each year because too many are bred and not enough make the grade. The injury rate is also pretty high.
  10. Attrition is a thing of the past, surely. Watch out for the next stage in canine evolution as the dog acqiures the manouvrist approach; attacks the enemy/humanity at its weakest point, and savages all the tree hugging PC hair-heads :lol:
  11. Falconry will be on the hit list. An "eliteist sport" that inflicts pain on another animal.

    Keeping pets will be the final one. Free hampsters, home rule for wales (moby dick for king)