John Prescott reunited with the so-called ‘chav’ girl Josie

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr-D, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Anyone hear Jeremy Vine today on Radio 2?

    John Prescott is reunited with the so-called ‘chav’ girl Josie who he met whilst filming a documentary. She says he changed her life.

    Jeremy with his returning guest John Prescott, and Josie Hall, one of the people John met during filming for last year's TV programme Prescott: The Class System And Me.

    Now as a brief summary, the delightful Mr Prescott was on the show to plug his new book, oh no sorry tell everyone how wonderful his special friendship is with Josie, whom he met last year making a documentary.
    You may remember she was the girl who told Mr P that she wasn't working class because she had never worked so must be middle class?
    at the time 17 and expelled from school for assaulting a teacher.

    Beginning of the interview the ex-deputy PM praises Josie's virtues as an inspiration to all and as an example of achieving what you want if you set your mind to it, despite your background & no qualifications.
    Sounded very admirable I must say.

    Cue Josie, now 18, to tell Jeremy that she did get a job but isn't working since becoming pregnant six months ago, and how her determination to succeed has helped her get a flat and all the benefits she is entitled to for her and her unemployed boyfriend, all the time with Prescott interjecting how proud he is and how hard she has worked to get where she is.

    Oh she "fancies" being a lawyer so will study from home for ten years or so,
    Fantastically inspirational don't you all think?
    Glad it wasn't just me, every caller to the show, bar one wanted to say it was a load of crap but Prescott just argued with them all for suggestion his little angel wasn't a role model to all, and she has had to fight so hard to get all the benefits she wants as its not easy.

    Di have the thought the brat might be his but shouldn't really write that down I don't think, :x
  2. Of course he's proud just got 2 life long core liebour supporters there with 1 in the offing
  3. I wonder if Prescott's bashed her back doors in yet? Might explain why he's so protective of her... :roll:
  4. Listened to this at lunch time and a few things crossed my tiny mind.

    The young girl Josie had a kind of innocence (ignorance?) of the world around her. Fair do's she got off her backside and got a job only to be made redundant due to (in her words) her being on the telly (and 5 others got the boot on the same day as well)

    Prescott came across as a smarmy "look at me" and my prodigy who I shall guide to the promise land.

    But the biggest thing that really got me what was not said. Her demeanour and attitude. If you are given no guidance, something to aim for, no-one cares a fig about you, someone to respect then you have Josie.

    Its sad, its gets me angry as it is something so simple to remedy at a young age, oh and she would have been of that age when New Labour were in government for a year and started to implement their new social inclusion changes and this is the product.

    Sorry for the rant, but I hope she does become a lawyer and sues the living life out those who put her there in the first place.

    Rant mode off.

  5. Compared to some of his constituents she is a runaway success :omg:
  6. [Rant]
    Because lying on your back and thinking of England is hard work isn't it? All she has succeded in is sponging of the state. Fair enough if the boyfriend was working and they needed the benefits to help them through the early years of their family. I'm so glad my taxes are being spent so wisely on these wastes of space.
  7. Program on bbc wales last thursday about a family i know well,13 kids, not mentioning the little one who died after drinking paraffin from a lemonade bottle,29 grandchildren,only 1 of the entire family has a job,i don`t think the father has worked since the late 60s.
  8. Lets hope the rest of them also win Darwin Awards. :evil:
  9. Program made them out to be hard done by,he smokes by his own admission 70-80 a day,always been a lazy tw*t.
  10. Pornographic images are not permitted on this site.

    Will the kind and efficient 'moderators' kindly remove said images of the fat, fatuous, facile and probably flatulent, fool Prescott - please?
  11. Is that what you consider to be pornographic? :?
  12. He obviously has a "thing" for Prezza
  13. :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited:
  14. I see he's over the buleamia (apologies for the spelling).
  15. There is an old saying that those that live in glass houses should not throw stones. However, I cannot resist mentioning that John Prescott is looking increasingly like Jabba the Hutt from, I think, Star Wars.