John Prescott confronted

Bluewater shopping centre in Kent has banned hooded tops, baseball caps and swearing as part of a zero-tolerance crackdown on intimidating behaviour.

And Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has backed the move, claiming hoods are part of an "intimidating" uniform after he was confronted by youths at a motorway cafe.

I thought I was totally against chavs and their baseball caps until I read the second paragraph of this story. I wonder quite how he was 'confronted'?

Maybe they just told him to go on a fcuking diet and to stop being a class A Richard Cranium all his life.


War Hero
I'm just amazed he didn't smack one of them. That's more his style.

I've just got visions of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come being escorted out of Marks & Sparks for frightening the old ladies.

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