John Pauls journey to sainthood begins...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. From CNN:

    The link is here.

    This issue was pulled apart on these hallowed boards at the time of his passing, most notably here and rather more irreverently, here.

    If nothing else, it shows how highly he was regarded by the Catholic Church, an organisation not noted for moving swiftly. Or is there something else at work here - is even The Vatican susceptible to creeping 'Dianification' or is Ratzinger/Benedict XVI merely seeking to deploy a smokescreen....?
  2. It is really a matter for the RC Church to resolve, within the confines of its own little fantasy world.
  3. I am not a religous person but sumfing stinks in the state of Denmark.
  4. Many of the saints that are venerated today became saints for political reasons, or to generate revenue from pilgramages. don't worry about it john.

    There might even be a Saint Lairdx one day. You never know i might turn my back on my sinfull ways.
  5. Nahhhh, it's traditional. Roman, even.

    I think most Caesars after Caesar Augustus were declared Gods after they'd croaked. This isn't much different.

    Think of it as the Vatican version of Honours and Awards, and given they (by definition) believe that Il Papa is around to watch afterwards, it's the Papal equivalent of a GCMG (bad joke in there, I know).
  6. Lardix does this mean no Saint for Bangkoks finest Kathoys (Ladyboys to you)?
    The RC run schools out here are the ones where all middle class Thais want their kids to be educated. Discapline wham bam Shut up.
    Luv these pacifists