John OGroats to Lands End bicycle ride.......COMPLETED!

Just a very quick message to say that I have finished the bike ride, and to thank all of you who have sponsored me and in turn supported Combat Stress.

I have to be honest and say whilst it was great fun the ride was actualy quite hard...England and Scotland is a little hillier than I imagined..or hoped! It was also, weather-wise, not the best of weeks to have chosen, incredibly hot!! However I feel that I did my bit for Anglo-Germanic relations by accepting another cyclists offer to mend my one and only puncture as I faffed about on the side of the A9 with..... the wrong sized inner tube...doh! so I gave him my very last winegum...wasn't that kind of me! So, many thanks to Reinhardt, should he ever see this...

For those of you who would still like to sponsor me, the just giving site will be live for a couple more weeks, and I would really appreciate any further support offered.

Many thanks.

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Thanks so much Nick for your efforts - pretty damn amazing!! Whilst we were all sweating buckets and chilling out in the garden during that heatwave, you were cycling 100 miles a day for Combat Stress.

I would urge anyone who can, to support Nick by sponsoring him as he has made such a tremendous effort - cycling the length of the UK on his own (despite undergoing knee operations last year!)

Enough of the praise before he turns a bright shade red - it is however certainly well deserved.

Sponsor page is if anyone can spare a dime.


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