John Noakes Test - A barometer of our nations past.

Blue Peter: a once fine & wholesome programme. Today it is not even a shadow of its former self. The current offering is an insult to those who've gone before. Blue Peter made me the twisted freak I am today. Gawd bless 'em. 8O


I can't believe the words "Get down Shep!" haven't been said. The days of Noakes, Singleton and Purves were Blue Peter at their best. The incontient elephant was hilarious.

Sticky back plastic, toilet rolls and washing up liquid bottles, ah happy days. Magpie was not a patch on it.

OK So it's Friday, it's five O'Clock and its Crackejack - whatever happened to Peter Glaise?
Just watched the youtube clip.... CLASSIC. Them was the days, watching the crazy Yorkshireman shouting "Down shep" while engaged in daring-do. Someone earlier mentioned the climbers, Haston and Brown. Now they were awesome..... of to the himalayas dressed in old army waterproofs, hemp rope and cheese sarnies for sustenance. That was being British !!! Mad as a mad thing in a mad shop. Gotta love it.

The world is a much sadder place without characters like that.
Took her sledding for the first time last winter, hillarious watching the missus hanging on for dear life, being dragged through the snow on her arse, all the while the dog was loving it. :eek:
Nelson's Column pales into insignificance when you consider some of the chimneys that Fred Dibnah scaled; though he was a from the wrong side of the pennines there has to be some respect to the rotund Burnleyite.

Being at work and subject to the telly police on our server prohibits me from posting a suitable clip.

Feckers must be on tea break ....enjoy.
Jimmy_Kranke said:
Bouillabaisse said:
The stain on the button boy's trousers was water and grease from the stays, rather than pish.
Fair point....I withdraw.....

TID, With regard to the onerous accusations that Shep was a Ringer, are you suggesting that the BBC Production Crew played way......Oh ok then, actually it was Petra that was swopped. At least that shows some of the younger spunkers on todays Blue Peter have maintained an honourable tradition of stuffing the audience....Im thinking of recently rigged telephone quizzes. :D

They also showed the HALO drop. There he was happily freefalling in his little circle, with a couple of crab chums and a cameraman with a cine 8 strapped to his helmet with blacknasty,(heres one I made earlier) all the time giving a running commentary, when some crab bangs into him at about 120mph. Next second he's freefalling facing upwards, all the time rattling on
"Eeh by gum....Im upside down tha knows" chuckle chuckle..........fcking terrifying, but it seemed so normal.

This was also at a time when we were loosing nearly a 100 men a year in the province, but the ruling generation had lost much more in the previous conflicts, therefore nutters like Noakes were nothing out of the ordinary.

Now we have a ruling class with no military or public service, or underpant changing moments in their lives. Its gone forever.
Was on that descent but not a 'Coon' at the time. The camerman was 'Soup plates' and the camera a 16mm Beaulieu (sp?)weighing 12 lbs.

Janet Ellis followed in due course. Her instructor was Nige Rogoff who is currently the topic of an arrse thread on the Charity forum as he canoodles around UK coastline. During a ground training filming break Nige was explaining to the lads the finer aspects of Janet's anatomy, failing to appreciate that he was still 'miked -up' and was listened to and recorded by the BBC team. :D :D

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