John McCririck's guide to dating

John McCririck has continued to try to 'woo' Caprice, employing the 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen' approach.

He no doubt thought he was off to a great start as he guffawed with Jeremy about how women like bad boys.

"It's the oldest trick in the book," blustered Jeremy, as feminist Germaine looked on sagely.

"That's what girls are like," agreed John.

He then dished out some personal observations.

"Women like you have had it easy all your lives," he told Caprice.

Caprice was unimpressed. "That is the most ignorant thing you've said all night," she retorted angrily.

"Well it's true," continued John, "A good-looking woman has it made."

When Caprice insisted she works hard, he responded, "Nobody says you don't work hard, prancing up and down the catwalk or whatever..."
"Did I say something wrong?"

Goodness! What a smoothie!

"No, the best thing is for men to go out with ugly girls," he rambled, "'Cos they're grateful for what they get."
That sounds like a good night in the NAAFI!!!:p

I almost flooded my seat when i heard that (not that i watched it!! 8O after all, there is caprice and bridgite nielson with a good chance of some nakedness :twisted: )

agent smith
Next we'll find out he has pet names for his todger and nads 8O

agent smith
but do you have names for your golden orbs and hairy oyster?? :D

agent smith


I've said this before, but John McCririck is top on my list for a major, post-exercise, two-fisted skiffing: one down each stupid buggers grip.

Let me at him...
Oooohhh.... I can smell it already!

that would be a MAJOR skiff as the detritus would surely stick to his side lappers!!! 8O

agent smith

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