John McCain on Winston Churchill

Interresting considering that Daniel Yergin wrote similar in his book "The Prize". If McPain had metioned Marcus Samuel I would suspect plagarism ;-)
Ah Churchill! For to shake the man's hand. Now, that is a true honor.
Churchill. The man was a true giant, and by God, English. If that is a problem with you then TT.

bestbriton, you probably never heard what Tony Bliar promised, did you?

Who wants to build a bridge to the moon?
BB do we speak 'Deutch'? No we do not. We all make mistakes, the magnitude of those mistakes is the measured by the office of a man. I am sure that he knew by 1939 that he had made the mistakes that you have alluded to, but he was by God, OUR man during those dark days in the early years of WW2 and an inspiration to millions. Disrespect him not!

Onetup3, I love you man! **sob sob**

When bestbriton is talking s.hit about old Winston, he is talking s.hit about me.

Begone bestbriton ! Begone!
bestbriton said:
Gallipoli and the invasion of norway..........
Blaming Winnie for Gallipoli is profoundly unfair; most of the mistakes made were not his, but he took the bullet and resigned anyway. Then he took a commission and went to the trenches. To suggest that these are not the actions of an honourable man is bizarre. I suspect most arrsers share this view.

About the only reasonable criticism to aimed at Britain's actions re: Norway would be to identify it as a gross failure of intelligence gathering(where have we heard that before?). 20:20 hindsight allows us to say pre-emptive positioning of RN assets could have torn the german invasion fleet, which was lightly escorted and consisted of merchantmen as the Kreigsmarine didn't have any assault craft, a new arrsehole. There was no realistic chance of pre-positioning army assets as Norway was aggressively neutral(wow, oxymoron alert) and had thrown a strop over the 'Altmark'. It is also questionable whether a BEF-lite formation, pre-positioned or not, could have stopped or repulsed Jerry. What is reasonably certain is that, given good intelligence, the RN stood a good chance of handing the germans their arrse on a plate before they set foot in Norway. As far as int goes, crab PR spotted the invasion fleet marshalling in the Baltic ports, but nobody identified it as such. Whoever was working on Trends and Intentions, the fancy name for making a guess at what the bad guys are up to, dropped the ball.

bestbriton said:
also he promised to hand over the 6 counties if the republic of ireland joined the war...
Eire didn't join in so this is a moot point at best. I call WAH! You aren't Uladh in disguise, are you?

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