John Masters

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by barbarasson, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. There was a biography of John masters published in 1992 called John Masters: A Regimented Life. Has any one seen it?
  2. By: John Clay
    Type: English : Book : Non-fiction
    Publisher: London : Michael Joseph, 1992.
    ISBN: 0718129458
    Subjects: Masters, John, -- 1914-1983.

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    John Masters: A Regimented Life
    John Clay

    Availability: This item is not in stock. If you would like to purchase this title, we recommend that you request it used.

    Edition: Hardcover

    You can try the rare book shops etc
  3. I think I saw this book in a shop in Hay-on-Wye a few months ago, can't remember which one, sorry. IIRC there is a booksearch outfit based in Hay that will trawl all the shops for you if you can't get there, try Google.
  4. I have a dog-eared copy of "The Road Past Mandalay" and very good it is too!
  5. A possible John Masters autobiography?:

    Masters, John. (1971). Pilgrim Son: a Personal Odyssey. (London: Michael Joseph. )

    There is a photograph of Masters in the recently published 'Warriors' by Max Hastings - it dates from the episode related in 'Bugles and a Tiger' when he shot a tiger.
  6. thanks for all the above. i'm looking for the biography because 'warriors' contained some interesting iinfo and perspectives that were lacking from 'bugles' and 'road past'. i'm putting difficulty getting hold of it down to the fact that those two are superlative, cheap and easily available.

    'idle, mr masters sir, idle........'
  7. Masters wrote two of the books that should be required reading for all troops.
    One of our retired Gurhka officers met him in Malaysia when Masters came out for a visit in late sixties and was guest of his battalion 10 GR.
    His stepson from wifes first marrige was Mike Rose.
  8. thought you'ld like to know that there's a copy of 'John Masters: A Regimented Life' on ebay right now!
  9. me too very good.

    Naked Island by Russel Braddon is very good as well. "true story of the author's experiences as a prisoner of war of the Japanese during World War II"
  10. I recently acquired a copy of Clay's biography of John Masters "A Regimented Life" it is a little disappointing. Although Masters came across as a very talented soldier he certainly wasn't a 'Pukka Sahib' at least not as he was portrayed by Clay.

    I suppose it's a 'must' for Masters fans (I am) though Clay's skill as a writer does not match his subject's.
  11. thanks for the gen, i'll stop worrying about finding it!