John Major - the best Prime Minister we never had?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BoomShackerLacker, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. Doh... he was Prime Minister! Easy to miss.

    But, did anyone catch his R4 interview this morning? Eloquence (albeit in that slightly nasal tone) and clarity personified, stating the case for calling Bliar to account.

    "...I prefer peas to eggs Edwina!"
  2. Strangely enough, i thought he was alright. No personality, but no spin to boot. I rate Major more highly than BLiar in any case.

  3. Who exactly would call Bliar to acount anyway? Bush and BLiar have waged an 'aggresive war' against Iraq under an illegal premise, but who would do the accounting? the Hague? the Met Police?

    Bush is a twot and i dont really care what happens to him, but BLiar is worse, a sycophantic little pri*k sucking up to Bush...unfortunately this isnt Romania where someone can just drag him round the back and slot him like they did with Caucescue...cos thats what he deserves.
  4. Sitting on the fence Eh why don't you say what you mean!!

    Major was unfortunatly not a personality in the film star way no beeming smile but he did know what he was talking about, but the great unwashed cannot see beyond x -factor razz ma tazz
  5. Bloody good interview this morning, I thought.

    Without getting into party politics and "Options v SDR" etc etc, in my experience John Major had the personal ability to address a group of soldiers without making your flesh creep.
  6. A former oppo who met JM stated how impressive he was one on one... just didn't have a face for TV...
  7. perhaps he played the 'grey man' a bit too effectively!! :-D
  8. Also heard the interview, and was impressed.
  9. Peter de la Billiere spoke very highly of him in his autobiography when he came out to visit the troops in GW1.

    I think he was a very good PM but his turn came when the country felt it was time to change after such a long period of Tory rule.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Spoke to me once at the end of GW1 - I thought he was on the level, without a point to prove, just getting on with the job in the way he thought was right.
    I have made a career out of BS, so I can usually spot it, especially when face to face.....
  11. I have always liked John Major-he kept the country in financial balance, never made a choice that wiped out nearly a million people. Boffed his secretary and handed over a clean office 'apart from a few stains'-after his term. What else could you ask for in a leader. He had no massive ego-he just did the job without seeking out glory.
    All in all a good man in my mind.
  12. He may, or may not, have been able to be a good PM, but he was utterly hamstrung by the far right of the Conservative Party - the same loons who Cameron is working so hard to marginalise. And good luck to him.
  13. He never really had much of a mandate to do anything other than manage to hold the Tories together. He should never have even really been PM after 1992 - it was only a ginger Welsh tw*t throwing it away that got him re-elected!
  14. I think he was a great PM by virtue of having done very little that anyone can remember. One can hardly argue convincing that there's such a thing as a Major legacy, although the beginnings of the NI peace process may go some way towards it.

    If a consistent, steady hand is how we regard greatness then perhaps, but I prefer a bolder character myself.