John Major on Tony Blairs Impending Breakdown.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EAGLE1, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. My own personal Hero Sir John Major has today on sky news hinted at Tony Blairs state of mind.
    My own fears are now being recognised. Tony does not want to fail. He will drive on to see his ideas realised. His democracy must be enforced in the areas of his choice. Yet this reality seems a distant dream. I do not claim to know the eventual outcome of the pursuit of democracy in countries that really dont want it. Yet I do agree with Sir John Major that Tony is mentally exausted.

    He will not want to go just incase he is one day branded a failiure. Yet he must step aside and allow fresh new blood with more rational objective ideas to take the reigns and bring about balance and stability to our world wide plans. Tony is ready for a well earned rest. He must go and go soon before he ends his reign with total and inevitable emotional collapse.

    This is no longer a gloat on my part. He his only human and we all have our failings. Someone must help him to step aside, before he becomes to ill to make the choice on his own.
  2. ...ermm, he knocked-off Edwina Currie FFS......
  3. Mentally exhausted!?

    How many free holidays is it now and how many times a year beyond the affordability of many of his Subjects!

    I think he is paid slightly more than a more valuable Private Soldier on £2 per hour is he not!

    He has a life and access to almost anything and everything hardly anyone reading this will ever be able to enjoy or afford!

    No sympathy for the man or his grasping wife!
  4. Tony's mentality exhausted? I've often felt the same but probably not with the vast amount of tasks he has and just got on to rest afterwards. But I've not got his home(s), his wealth, his protection squad, his wages, etc - I think he's done quite alright out this premiership so to speak.

    But who is it asking him to stay and 'tire himself' out? Not me for one.
  5. The best part of last week's Celebrity Wife Swap on TV was John McCririck's frequent barbs to Edwina herself about this.

    John Major did attend last year's Remembrance service at the British Embassy Bangkok which I thought was a welcome gesture. I'm not sure what he was doing in Thailand but I'm sure he didn't come just for that so it was good to see him show up (....which was more than my boss did :evil: ).
  6. Dear Leader does seem very tired on some occasions, strangely never emotional.
    I do think that the passage of time is having an effect on him, all the Backstabing in that Cabinet would wear down a strong man, let alone a lieing schemeing Git.
    I understand JM was in Bangkok on bussines for the Carlyle Group where he is a senior person if not the senior person on a day to day basis.
  7. Did he look like he'd just sewn the bottom back on to his trousers?
  8. "These peas are lovely Norma..."
  9. Always interesting to hear the views of someone assassinated by his own on someone just about to be.

    Regretably, this has opened the Media fed joke box. It's easy to forget the man's restraining influence in GRANBY, the origin of the Good Friday Agreement and various well places spanners in the United States of Europe works.
  10. I detest Blair with a intensity normally reserved for sandal-wearing, bearded hippies, but I wouldn't want the deaths of a couple of hundred soldiers on my conscience.
  11. Hans, do you not think that is possibly WHY he is Eagle1's personal hero? It must have taken a lot of guts...

    Actually he was a half decent PM and didn't spend a lot of time big-upping himself at the expense of substance. Sadly his time in power coincided with the naughty Tory Boys deciding it was time to set the signals to green on the gravy train, regardless of the consequences!
  12. I met him at NHSM, his passing comment to the CO was "Give 'em hell"

    His politics sucked thou, like his choice of easy shag. I suppose its better than Ann Widdecombe :oops:
  13. No, but Norma looked a bit worried about where he might have been the previous night...
  14. None of them will ever go until they have set up a very lucrative book deal and Speaking Tour. Thats probably why he is still there -- nobody wants to hear it any more. :!: :!:
  15. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Not being one to defend Mr Major...but who else was there???