John Le Mesurier: It's All Been Rather Lovely

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by BoomShackerLacker, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. i recorded that - am looking forward to it
  2. I really enjoyed it but it was rather sad, a lovely gentleman.
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  3. Great programme, but here is the spoiler he dies in the end.
  4. Awfully nicely though.
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  5. Thanks for that. Great man. He made me laugh many times. :salut:
  6. i am watching tonight's episode of Dad's Army as I type :)
  7. In his own words, he conked out.

    "He died at his Ramsgate home, from a stomach haemorrhage, (caused by cirrhosis) on 15 November 1983, aged 71.[11] He is buried in the churchyard of the Church of St. George the Martyr, Church Hill, Ramsgate. His self-penned death notice in The Times stated that he had "conked out" and that he "sadly misses family and friends"."
  8. Hmmm. Are you sure that's awfully wise Sir? ;)
  9. Thoroughly nice chap but too nice for his own good , let his wife's boyfriend move in with them !
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  10. Comfort TV. Lovely. Anyone see the life story of Hattie Jacques, his wife, last year? Explained the full story of John allowing his wife's lover to move in with them.
  11. I suffered it when Mrs Danjou insisted , Hattie Jacques was lucky to get any man ,fat munter, he should have kicked her out but he was too nice.
  12. She must have had something about her..............all very odd.
  13. hattie was all woman.

    john was too nice for words
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  14. Hattie was what is known as ample.