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I searched Arrse and found quite a few references to John Keegan. As a lecturer in Military History with Brigadier Peter Young at RMAS circa 1968-69, he managed to keep us awake in trying circumstances. That was a great double act!
RIP - his Face of Battle & Mask of Command were great pieces of groundbreaking military history writing.
An interesting gent who was ill-advisedly let loose on an SMC during the first 5 weeks and his thoughts
on Waterloo followed by the movie were all lost on kipping cadets.
A regret we all felt in later years.
Rest Easy to a soldier manque, who did more good with his pen and had a greater reach worldwide
than he ever could have done with a swagger stick.
Face of Battle is one of the finest books I've read. Highly recommended.
Sad news indeed - Agreed with the above: Face of Battle is a very good and interesting read, I shall dig it out now and read it again. Sat through many of the great man's lectures but sadly can't remember a single one - too busy either sleeping or bulling my shoes.

Rest in Peace, and condolences where applicable.


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Along with Richard Holmes some time back, one of the few historians who dug into source material to find the patterns underneath it. A very insightful author. I've got a number of his books - sad to think I won't be adding any more.

The Face of Battle was recommended to me by a senior lecturer and professor of psychology at university... very insightful work .. sorry to hear of the authors death.
Taught me at RMAS in '71, a really interesting and knowledgable teacher. Good author too!
I too would like to add my regrets at his passing (and for having slept through his lectures)
Just heard John's Obit on the radio. I missed the entry first time around..

First Richard Holmes, now John.. another of my heros gone!

I have the books, but like many slept happily at the back of the Churchill Hall for many of his lectures. A sad passing along with Richard Holmes, however there are now two less to comment on my star quality!
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