John Jack Straw...Stolen Valour..??..(Question time)

Just watching it on I-Player...Gob smacked about 'John'(his given name) (Jack is his populist 13cent. identification with the Peasants revolt) Straws father, son of a German Jew(although Jewishness comes through the mother) was banged up (nice 'n' safe )for refusing to fight against the then 'Axis of evil' Obviously never heard of RAMC stretcher bearers or the Jewish Legion/Brigade..??

BUT...not my point, you can't be responsible for what your 'old man' did...While 'John Straw' was at Brentwood Grammer he opted out of the compulsory CCF on conscientious grounds(chip off the old block) but hey no problem there, I Wasn't interested in my CCF at school but then again it wasn't compulsory, if it was I'd be in....But this C**T had the effrontry to wear a RED POPPY on the programme...has he ever attended any sort of Parade/commemoration service...etc that any ARRSERS can verify..??.. back to me...after a bottle of white, low alcohol content wine am I right to to ask for a seat on the outrage bus... :? :?
Oh no, Jack Straw supports a service charity; how dare he, the outrage, the scandal...


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FFS! Civilian wears Poppy. Hold the front page!

Get over yourself and concentrate on something important!

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