John G - Warrior, Google Fu black belt and Thai tour guide

John, I've made something else for you.

What with all the back and forth about your many exploits, I've spent a bit of time going through previous posts, and come up with a draft career timeline. It's not perfect, I'll admit, and I'd welcome comment, but it's a start. Running along the bottom is a 'Truth-o-meter' (patent pending), where I've attempted to measure, on a scale of 0-100, the veracity of that chapter's dits, with 0 = utterly verifiable, to 100 = Grenfell-intensity twelve-engine blaze in your pants.

Anyway, let me know what you think; it's a labour of love, so be gentle, but very happy to redraft if there's anything I've missed.

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I’ve created this thread so we can salute John G for his glorious years of service and for @Mr_Pink who has gone beyond the call of duty
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That timeline is a truly beautiful thing.

It will only be surpassed by a Thai resident posting a photograph of John G being made airtight by his live-in house butler's.


Perhaps a rank timeline, to show how you go from “commissioning to Colonel” and yet still manage to retire as a Major at the 16 year point? There is a lesson there for today’s thrusting young officers.
John certainly seems to have frequently moved from Battalion to exotic postings.
An ‘abrasive’ personality in the Mess, even then perhaps?


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I think our hero is about to wear out Ctrl + B on his computer as he struggles to get sufficient emphasis into his ripostes.

And for the benefit of @The_Duke, may I suggest you dust off and polish up your 'Types of Flounce' thread. It may be about to get an new entry.

Wordsmith :smile:
I have a feeling that others may soon be frantically deleting some of their own historic posts.
I have a feeling that others may soon be frantically deleting some of their own historic posts.
Oh this has soooo much potential care to name them? We could have an auction, proceeds to Mr Pink to fund his next Opus split 50/50 with our favourite charity.

Just ordered a bottle of the house red, sat back waiting for either the list or comment from he who is neither funny nor informative, given his experience. Please, proceed!

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