John Bercow


So, are we saying "c***" in CA now...?

If he were dead VB would be rotating rapidly in his box.
Bercow is a smarmy, smug entitled cnut.

His denial of a peerage is excellent news.

I bet his entitled snotty b*tch of a wife is giving him hell over that.
I would not say she would be to depressed after all the BLM protest was on last night and knowing her passed indescretions.......................
Agree as the old adage goes "seen more japs eyes than Tenko"
Throwing a kit bag in the back of a four tonner comes to mind!
As for Bercow, I truly hope he is climbing the walls with incandescent rage and bawling his eyes out, the toad. Made my day.
That’s the most welcome news associated with Bercow in the last couple of years.

Couldn’t have happened to a more suitable candidate.
Ahh.....the feeling you get knowing that your £1 car bumper stickers worked.....

bercow bollocks.JPG

Yes, I really did have one of these on my car until he was binned in December.


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