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BBC News - John Bercow: Ex-Speaker 'sorry' not to receive peerage

Apologies for using the C word in CA, post amended accordingly.

I just hope he never receives a peerage.

A complete and utter bell end if there was ever one.
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BBC News - John Bercow: Ex-Speaker 'sorry' not to receive peerage

There's not many cnuts that I'd really like to die a horrible death, but this fcuker is one.

The fact that he thought he could fcuk off the majority and , in my honourably opinion, didn't give a fcuk to the Brexit vote, speaks absolute volumes to the supposed unbiased "Speaker".

A complete and utter cnut if there was ever one.
Bercow is a smarmy, smug entitled cnut.

His denial of a peerage is excellent news.

I bet his entitled snotty b*tch of a wife is giving him hell over that.

Bob Upndown

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The icing on an already very tasty cake with the denial of the peerage would be the fragrant Sally calling time on the odious <insert own vocab - CA rules> and fu, sorry CA, going off with the biggest, blackest rapper St Reatham has to offer


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It's a real shame. Both Bercow and, I assume, magic grandpa feeling upset.

He really put the EU in nEUtral.
Word around Westminster is that Frank Field will now get a peerage.

ETA: Tom Watson has also been turned down, ho-ho :biggrin:
I don't think anyone would begrudge Frank Field a peerage (Except Corbynistas)


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Just change so that peers are voted in, not grace and favoured in. Simple.
As for Sally...

I would.

That is all.


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I think you are all being beastly to Bercow.

I would just like to say to John

Tee hee, yah w@nker!

Bob Upndown

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As for Sally...

I would.

That is all.
Hmmm, your taste is in no doubt but I should Issue due warning regarding the inevitable “Open Hercules Ramp Vs Tube of Smarties” scenario:p

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