John Bercow elected new Speaker - at least it wasnt Beckett

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fraps, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. Any thoughts? At least they didn't elect that caravanning hag.
  2. As an aside. I once went into The Foreign Secretary's office when Beckett was in post. There is a private bathroom behind a door off to the side and her toiletries were stacked on the shelf. Featuring prominently was a big tube of Anusol!
  3. The man who is more Liarbour than Liarbour itself, the same bloke who reckons that MPs are underpaid ?????
    This tw4t reckons that they deserve £100,000 minimum plus expenses due to the fact that they have to forgo a "real" job and cannot earn a real wage , is £65000 a year not enough? Fcuk me, I survive/live on £30,000 per year, I'm obviously in the wrong bloody job.
  4. Agreed, while a certain % of society/employee's in this country are prepared/have to accept a freeze or pay cut in salary just to keep their jobs, MP's should also show an example, utter greed, arrogance & ignorance by ministers

    It will take a lot more than a fresh face new speaker to deal & sort out the HoP mess it's in
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I would be interested to see how many MP's could hold down a real job paying more than £64k a year

    Exept for a few doctors and lawyers the rest seem to be there purely by doing a politics degree and hanging round to be parachuted into a safe seat
  6. Lads, vote for me and I will guarantee to put paid to any MoD cuts, plus my only expenses would be on Arrse crawls :D
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Elect and vote for me for the rest of my life

    My manifesto

    Every year I will flip my address and claim 15K against one of my voters mortgage
    I'll fill your gaff with soft furnishing plants and plasma tellies
    The rest we'll blow on call girls booze and kebabs

    When I'm PM

    I'll prop the car industry up by buying a Jag and a Landrover for every member of the country
    I'll fukc the banks off and we can have guded tours to watch a bank managers house's get repossesed and take the piss out of their wifes and kids
    Rather than blow up 1960 style high rise flats I shall house the bankers in their and call it "Seves you right cunto house"

    I shall offer Crown immunity to all members off Arrse
    Punched a chav in the kebab house he's a chav and a civvy so you qualify under my 2 for 1 bonus

    Think on this could run and run

    Vote Syrup Vote Arrse :D
  8. You got me beat, can I be your deputy ??
  9. Bercow was the compromise choice as speaker - George Young is an ex-etonian, not sure Labour MPs (the few that will survive the next election) wanted to have an ex-etonian speaker and an ex-etonian PM. Bercow is a reformer, who is independent enough to take on the whips and the establishment - expect changes to the election of Select Committee members as well as expenses. It needed to be a Tory - Mick Martin should never have replaced Boothroyd - George Young (who is a decent man) should have had the slot then in my view.

    The interesting thing about Bercow is the transformation from far-right (Monday Club member in his past) 'nasty party' Tory into a figure with more in common, in many respects, with the Labour benches. His career in the Tory party was over - he had little chance of a juicy post in a Cameron cabinet, so his push for speaker is understandable. At 46 he is young for a speaker - he could be there for some time.

    Equally glad that Beckett missed out - she's tainted with the stench of Blairite failure, and is unlikely to make the changes the house needs. She's also facing a candidate in Derby South that everyone here should back - Jack Perschke (the Tory candidate) is an ex-infantry officer.
  10. They couldn't stand listening to that harridan shrieking 'Order, Order' all the time.

    Self-serving c*nts the lot of 'em.

  11. MPs have second jobs, some even have 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc jobs.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Always room for a wingman

    Back on thread
    Agree with nodandawink plus anything's better than the pikey bitch from Labour
  13. Has anyone noticed how he looks like 'Poison' off the old 'Londons Burning' series? Mmmm I wonder if he is the same kind of slimy, toadish and back-stabbing wnacker! He has already been criticised for having claimed £1,000 for an accountant, £1,000 for an unblockable toilet for his office (WTF!) and has 'willingly' (yeh fcuking right, not pushed at all :roll: ) paid back £6,500 he STOLE in capital gains tax. He should be facing a firing squad, not a round of congratulations for winning this role.

    As an aside, are there any ministers who haven't been tarnished by the expenses row? An 'ability to command respect' obviously doesn't feature in the modern MP's manifesto! If they represent leadership then god help us all. I'd have them whipped naked down the street to be crucified if I were in charge.
  14. Thank god that scheming b1tch Beckett didn't get it tho........... :twisted:
  15. On MP's pay, I'm going to put forward an unpopular point of view...

    There are 646 MP's in the House of Commons. They vote on legislation that directly influences every man, woman and child in the UK. They oversee the drafting of that legislation, sit on committees that debate major issues, and represent the interests of their constituents on every issue imaginable. Those that enter government head ministries of state that spend billions of pounds, set the boundaries of freedom through legislation, and ultimately may send men and women to war.

    Undoubtedly it is an honour to become an MP, but it is a career. For most there is not the opportunity to take high paid speaking engagements or directorships. My point is, we shouldn't make the salary a reason for someone with the skills, experience (and I'm as against career politicians as anyone), or talent to choose not to become an MP. To put this into context, £65k is slightly below the average salary of European equivalents. Its about what a Grade 6 Civil Servant might be paid (managing @30 people), or a headmaster of a middling primary. Many junior lawyers are paid more, most doctors, most accountants.

    The consequence of paying them £65k is that a) we miss out on real talent, and b) irrespective of the system, they'll find a way to twist things to get back to a higher level of income.

    Pay them more, take more interest in what they are doing, and crucify those who prove to be corrupt.