Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by phil245, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    As I was jogging through the park earlier I couldn't help but stare at these massive tits bouncing up and down. After staring at them unblinkingly for several minutes I realised I had a problem.

    I'm a big fat bastard.
  2. Taxi
  3. Ironic, coming from someone whose stock 'put down' is along the lines of "Ok scumbag breath dick sucking mother shagging sheep fucker welsh stetson wearer, the exit's here--------------> Jog on now lad!"

    You really need to unsubscribe, or drink bleach.
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  4. Who the fuck rattled your cage? Your a mouthy little prick behind a keyboard but I can guarantee face to face your a shithouse!

  5. My point entirely. Thank you for being such a perfectly predictable mong. Don't run away this time like you did on your lame Best War Movies thread. I just hate having to track you down manually, it involves the sniffing of far too much festering halitosis.
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  6. Listen Nerd it's this simple your a fucking shithouse plain and simple, you sit behind your keyboard talking shit. When it comes down to manning up you would go running off to mummy whimpering, it's obvious your really a snivelling fucktard with no real backbone. Now off to bed little fella it's way past your bedtime!
  7. In light of my comments above, there really is no other appropriate retort, sorry guys, I'm going to have to say it:

    "You couldn't fucking WRITE THIS STUFF!"
  8. I'm not feeling the love between you two.
  9. Beer....check
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  10. He's stalking me it's quite disturbing, everywhere I post something he's there following me, weirdo!
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  11. Doh, stop posting your incomprehensible moronic shit then, so I can get an early night.
  12. How sad can one person really be, fuck sake you take it to new levels.
  13. I looked up IRONY in the dictionary, and got a link to this post, by you. Alanis Morisette would have had a field day!
  14. Shake your dicks boys this pissing contest is over!!
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