Joggers - why?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rodney2q, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. I was out walking my dog recently and saw some irresponsible joggers fouling the pavements. They made no attempt to pick up their mess but just ran off.



    Honestly these people should be shot or jailed or something for this unpleasant and anti-social behaviour.

    If my dog throws up at least he usually cleans it up by eating it again.

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  2. F#ckers!
  3. See, these types really are a blight on society, you could be walking along minding your own business, when some whippet like urchin comes past spraying mucous all over the place without any regard for those around them. Not too mention the dirty feckers who follow through. They should have dedicated fenced off areas for them to carry out this lewd activity, we could even name them running tracks or something similar.
  4. Pahahahaahaha! I nearly spat coffee over my computer then!
  5. I was in the park this weekend with my kids when a female jogger came sprinting over and started jumping up at us. I could tell the jogger was too excitable as she dropped her lycra gave a quick strum and sprayed everywhere. Then she grabbed the kids ball, burst it and ran off with it. The joggers owner shrugged and just said - 'she's only a youn bitch' - Can't you jogger owners be more responsible ?
  6. The bloke next to her at that point could have done the decent thing and given her a cup to piss into.

    Save her having to do it on the street.
  7. Hahaha...good one..:boogie:.....bloody joggers......think we need a thread along the lines of lycra clad cyclists on the roads - why? :rage:
  8. Didn't she get the shits during another race?
  9. These lycra clad wankers also insist on winding my well behaved dog up! No one wants to look at anyone in lycra (with the exception of the athletes you would thread) and especially if your a goon faced twat with a wooly hat on and luminous gloves!
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  10. This looks like a new form of pornography (Lycra / tattoo / puking), though the Japs already do puking in some of their movies...