Jog On Lass.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. Dear Kromeriz,

    I am running and dodging the bullets you throw at me, but I just fell over the dog, the pedigree one that snores.*

    If you ever tell me to "Jog On" again, you fucking Gareth, I will smite thee with my Actifry, my badly earnt Medals (all court mounted), a Taffeta frock and red jacket, a cheese and onion toastie, and a Dualit toaster.

    Get it? Got it?


    Yours eye, Dale xx

    *Like he moves......

    P.S. Fucking Jog On. I sometimes despair. Where do these cunts come from?
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  2. If you've got some childish lover's tiff with Kromeriz, can't you just PM it? That way the rest of us don't have to read this stuff and wonder what planet you are on.

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  3. Snail? you have a foul smelling dog that is also Ginger like a pasty step child

    But i love you!...Just dont Fucking tell anyone right?
  4. I got told to "Jog on Lass".

    How very rude.

    Hobo, never met the blimp, but never want to. There is a sacred thing on arrse.

    Never talk about Fat Club. Or dags.
  5. No, don't listen to the nasty man - keep sharing the lurve.
  6. So white wedding or will a pair o jeans do?.....

    And why cant They just ban him before he pisses off his care staff by throwing a dirty protest!!
  7. Fucking "Jog On".

    You bastards had better be ready for some lushness from your Duty Nice Person tomorrow.

    Fucking "Jog On, Lass".

    Watch and shoot. Watch and Shoot,
  8. Targets will fall when 'Huffed'???
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  9. I suspect that Kromeriz routinely posts pissed. He was clearly dribbling rotten shitfaced in the CC Nervous Breakdown thread. He'll gnaw his fist when he checks his browser history.
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  10. ....ere you my best mate yas are. imma not that drink really! its just the key *hic board makes me sounds it
  11. The Huff is disgusted.

    Fucking "Jog on".
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  12. Can I do *things* to your sister, possibly incorporating Ginsters products into the action?
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  13. AAGF


    Just tap him smartly in the small parts Snailio and then watch him try to jog on in the piked, or semi-wrecked posture ...

  14. Can i watch?

  15. WOW>>>> Action Stations, lads!