Jog on by...Cameron

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ardillo, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. At the risk of being Waahed, isn't that one of those British military fitness guys? They take people out for runs, mostly based in the big cities, like Bristol.
  2. Anyone else here at 4 Div RTC 18 months or so ago? I didn't spot this first however...
  3. Piss off, you Labour Party orifice. Your wonderful fcukin Gordon and his gang of strokers have indirectly murdered numerous service personnel during their tenure in government through careless, disinterested, incompetence. They couldn't give a flying fcuk about the forces except when it threatens to damage public relations. You could probably count the squaddies who would joyfully work for him on the fingers of one hand. Take your propaganda elsewhere you bell end, it isn't welcome here. :evil:
  4. Seconded. There seems to be an increase in new posters on Arrse all of whom are pushing the ramshackle Labour party line. Fcuk off elsewhere you dull cnuts.
  5. Are the other two his CP team?
  6. The tubby bint at the back could 'protect' me. 8)
  7. Oh dear seemed to have touched a nerve - seems like Nick Griffin and Cameron - you seem to be running scared - geddit???
  8. I'd like to see Gordon Brown out running. That would be funny as Fcuk!
  9. Not long ago Gordon told a massive fib during an interview telling us all how much exercise he took etc etc... The press hit on it while we all laughed at his pathetic nonsense. Within a week his media team gave us this..... One word "UNFIT"!

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  10. Why hasn't this latest of Mandelson's trolling semen-sinks been promoted to the Political List of Shame yet?

  11. Why Don’t you just Fu*k off you cretin, 13 years of being shat on by this Looney Left Government, I take it you are unemployed and on benefits of the highest order as you and immigrants are the only people to prosper under Labliar.

    Now Feck off and spout this crap somewhere else.

  12. Oh, I don't know about that, incompetent middle-managers have been doing wonderfully in local government, public administration and QUANGOs, as 'Highly respected professionals whose talent must be retained with salaries comparable to those in the private sector.'

    The hundreds of thousands of inept, responsibility-dodging beancounters pulling down £100k must be crapping themselves at the prospect of finding their true private sector worth, behind the counter in Argos on minimum wage.
  13. Correct. I'm surprised ardillo didn't notice this... after all his previous posts building up a nice little story of having Served.
  14. Yep Forgot Aboot Those