Joey Barton - Scumbag or misunderstood?

So Joey Barton has been sent down for 6 months for a violant attack after getting pi55ed up on a night out. Is he a poor misunderstood millionaire footballer or just another scumbag? I see that his footballing bretheren are giving him moral support but what should happen to him?

Jailed Newcastle United midfielder Joey Barton is likely to receive the support of manager Kevin Keegan, according to former Magpies legend Robert Lee.

Barton was sent to prison on Tuesday for assault and affray and has been sentenced to six months in jail.

The 25-year-old England international faces an uncertain future with the club considering the verdict.

"I think some clubs would sack Joey, but I think Kevin Keegan will back him," Lee told BBC Sport.

Barton arrived at Newcastle in June 2007 having been signed by previous manager Sam Allardyce for £5.8m from Manchester City.

I hope that this can prove a catalyst in both Joey Barton's life and football career

The Liverpudlian has had a chequered career and the incident on 27 December that led to him being jailed was not the first time he has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.

In December 2004 he stubbed a cigar into eye of former team-mate Jamie Tandy at Manchester City's Christmas party and was fined six weeks' wages.

Less than a year later in July 2005 he had an altercation with a teenage fan during Manchester City's tour of Asia and was fined eight weeks' wages.

In September 2006 he dropped his shorts in the direction of Everton fans during a Manchester City game and was questioned by police, who eventually took no action.

And his latest incident which saw him punch one man 20 times before attacking a teenage boy leaving him with broken teeth, resulted in Barton being jailed.

Personally I think that the FA should ban the scumbag from playing for 5 years.
Scumbag. Like the rest of his family. You cannot polish a turd.
Total scumbag, rich and an idiot. I hope he becomes somebody's biatch in prison
As a Newcastle Fan, I hope the Toon are not going to foot this thugs wages whilst he's languishing at Her Majesties Pleasure.

Hopefully his footwork will improve as a result of having to dodge "Gnoshers" loving attention in the shower block.
Horrid little runt......would like to do a couple of rounds with him, watch him squirm beg and cry for his mummy. spoilt little shite. hope he's 'full up' by now in his cosy little biatch cell. incidently I am having a rather bad day!
Misunderstood, like Hitler.

Overpaid, arrogant, chav sh*tbag.

Hope some 24 stone nonce keeps him warn at night.
Complete and utter cnut.

Couldn't have wished for it to happen to anyone else. Thank fcuk he left us when he did.

Considering the nature of his assault on two individuals, one only being 16 years old. I am a little concerned that he was only given; 6 months and 4 month concurrently and £ 2,400 in costs. The costs are unlikely to replace his 16 year old victim’s teeth.

Also I understand that he is under investigation for criminal damage and assault on a team mate.

Surely an Association Football club with any decency would cancel his contract forthwith?


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Average footballer, and far too big for his boots. He's just another arrogant charver who made it "big".

I hope that this can prove a catalyst in both Joey Barton's life and football career
Yeah right, like the two assaults on teenagers, beating the snot out of Dabo on the training ground, and all the other things he's done in the last few years? All they did was tell him he could keep getting away with it. About time someone put their foot down.
Total and utter qunt - see his brother for further evidence.

He's the kind of shithouse that thinks that earning £60k a week entitles you to smack whoever the phuck you want around with impunity.

(See the City youth player whose eye he stuck a lit cigar into, his team mate at City who he attacked on the training pitch causing his retina to detach, the lad who got twatted in Liverpool or the 15 year old Everton fan that he assaulted)
Scumbag-and fcuking mug! Christ, if I was on a footballers wage I'd be such a good little boy, you'd be mental to risk it! When I retired it would be champagne and orgies with p0rn stars all the way though...
still21inmymind said:
Scumbag. Like the rest of his family. You cannot polish a turd.
Couldn't have put it better myself. Hope he enjoys the attention of "Big Bubba" whilst he's locked up! :twisted:

Edit for spelling mongness......


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I think it wrong of us to have a go at him when he doesn't have the right to reply.

But then again he is a chavy,cock sucking, scumbag, cunt!! So he deserves it.


Got what he deserved. A hefty compensation order from his salary might also be in order.
total twat maybe 6 months in jail might make him think but I doubt it
a complete scum bag
At the risk of going against the grain here.

He is an Instant ******** - just add alcohol. Fact.

He is a three amp fuse. Fact

He is handy with youngsters (City YTS Chappy, Young lad outside Maccy D's) Fact.

BUT - if prison sorts him out? So much the better. He has also got to keep attending that Sporting Chance place that Tony Adams set up.

At the moment, he is an Idiot, I am not going to dispute that. I just hope that Prison gives him the wake up call he needs. I'll reserve judgement on whether or not he is a scumbag until he has served his time, and if it changes him for the much needed better.

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