Joey Barton Kicks Aguero GIF


Guy doesn't half have some temper issues haha
No doubt someone from Liverpool will be along in a minute to blame the police, Maggie Thatcher and society as a whole for his behaviour.
Has the OP considered joining a football forum? You may find someone there that gives a shit.
I'm not a major football fan but this is the NAFFI right? People can read if they're interested.
As this is the NAAFI. It's shit and i couldn't give a fuck. :bow:
You're right. Though I fail to see how I "read" an animated gif.

Either way, it's still fucking dull.
I can't even see the .gif so I'm glad I'm not missing much.
It says your run time is 9:19, are you morbidly obese? I hope you're not going for Infantry.

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