Joe's Bike

Joe had been looking for a good second- hand motorbike for ages , he'd seen several, but none of them measured up to his high standards. Then he came across a ten year old Harley that was like brand new.
He paid the seller in cash right there on the spot, and just before he rode off, he asked the guy how he had managed to keep it in such fabulous condition for ten years.
"Quite simple really," said the guy, "whenever the bike was out, if it was likely to rain, I rubbed it all over with Vaseline" he then handed Joe a large jar of Vaseline.
The following weekend, Joe's girlfriend Sally asked him to her parents house for Sunday lunch.
He rode there on the Harley and was met at the gate by Sally, she said "Before we go in, I have to tell you something about my family. When we sit down to eat, nobody speaks. In fact, the first person to say a word, has to wash up all the dishes."
"No problem." said Joe and in they go.
"Fu*k me" he thought as they walked into the dining room....
all around the room were piles and piles of dirty dishes, he looked through to the kitchen, where there were even more filthy dishes stacked up.
They sat down and began to eat lunch and sure enough nobody said a word. Joe decided that he would take advantage of the situation so he leaned across and began to fondle Sally's
breasts .....not a word was uttered, he then put his hand under her skirt and began playing with her pussy. Still not a word was said, so Joe pulled Sally from her chair, ripped her pants off and screwed her right there in front of her parents.
Sally's dad was fuming... her mother was hiding her face in shame.... but still nobody said a word.
Joe was enjoying himself and when he looked across at Sally's mum, he thought "Mmmm, she doesn't look too bad and she's got a nice body" so he grabbed her and gave it to her right there
across the dinner table.
The tension became incredibly high, Sally was fuming, her dad was turning purple with rage...but still not word was said.
Suddenly, from outside there was a loud clap of thunder and it began to spit with rain. Joe remembered his bike and took the jar of Vaseline from his pocket.
Sally's dad jumped from his chair in panic and shouted.......
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