Joe Weider

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mortars2cg, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. Just read about the death of Joe Weider.
    When I was growing up during the 70's I would read my brothers Weider magazines which were always lying about the house. I would read about the likes of Frank Zane, Mike Mentzer,Robby Robinson and of course Big Arnie.
    Joe inspired me to a love of training,not just in weight training/body building but in most types of training and diet.
    I think he changed our outlook on training more than we realise .
  2. I agree with you,I heard about this guy from my dad because i was passionate about training i started researching about his achievements and found tremendous stuff.
    That guy seriously took training to the next level.Thank you for posting something like that.
  3. The_Duke

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    **** me Bruce, you really are a dull ****. Step away from your computer and smash your head against something large and heavy for me, will you?

  4. Okay i will but what did i do?I am just trying to be nice why everyone here is so full of anger?
  5. The_Duke

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    Because within minutes of joining you have spammed just about every single fitness related thread with your "expert opinion" in semi literate drivel.
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  6. Grow up
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    I'm not the one spamming the site with Daily Mail health advice. Step back and take a breath, get a feel for how the site works, and then if you want to continue, post with a bit more restraint.

    2 ears, one mouth - use in that ratio.
  8. correct:

    2 eyes, 10 fingers ~ same message!
  9. Ive never got off looking at male body builders .