Joe the Plumber

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Devil_Dog, Oct 16, 2008.

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    Joe the Plumber will probably be laying a long pipe in his missus insides after the dick sucking he got from McCain tonight.
  2. Let's be fair, Obama was giving him a good old-fashioned hoop dhobi too. I hear they're both going round to paint his house for him this weekend.
  3. What makes it even more comical is that the word on the jungle drums is that Joe the Plumber isn't even registered to vote.
  4. That's coz he's white and doesn't live in the slums, ACORN missed signing him up. I bet he'll be signed up in Ohio, Michigan, and Nevada by tonight...I can see the voter registration First Name: Joe Middle Initial: T Last Name: Plumber.
  5. Shithouse, apparently the man makes $40,000 a year. He would do himself a hell lot of good if he supported That One. Then his taxes would go down. And then he might afford to pay back the money he owes the goverment.

    I happen to agree with this poster.

    On last check, the man has agreed to a movie deal. I wonder what they are going to call it: Joe the Fecker?
  6. Yeah ...... a west country boxhead ! The elections can't sink lower ! I heard that they were looking for a black Jewish Jock ........ I would have volunteered but am not black or Jewish ....... could have made a fortune.
  7. I'd like to hear Brown and Cameron talk about Joe the Squaddie.
  8. Years ago there was a Washington State tax on luxury cars which basically hit rich former hippies with Saabs and BMWs. They voted to repeal it. Analysis showed that the people most against it weren't the people paying it, it was the poverty-stricken ********* who thought that one day they would be making it big and didn't want that tax in place when it happened. As Don King would say, "Only in America". :) I mean, did Obama, or McCain, or the public, think for a minute that a plumber would net 270k? Even the Wurzel himself was talking about a business that would produce 250-270k - ie turnover. If you believe that there is a functioning labour market in place then nobody is getting paid a quarter of million dollars to solder pipes, regardless of whether they do it 12 hours a day. Yet the entire society is prepared to run with a story that is obviously bollocks.

    It's like all these bozos who think that a Dominos franchise (or similar) is going to produce a quarter mil on an initial stake of 10k - yeah, like the company would give you that rather than issue a bond, employ a manager, and keep the money for themselves.

    It's really interesting that an entire society based supposedly on free market principles hasn't managed to grasp the basic idea that if just anyone can do something it won't be highly rewarded.
  9. Shithouse:

    Neither is McCain considering his performance these last few days.
  10. Saw this today, it raised a dry smile.
    'I,ll keep my freedom, my guns,
    and my money.....
    you can keep your change!'
  11. I don't get it.
  12. My bold. I'm guessing, reading between the lines but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, that you're not a fan then..?
  13. Shithouse is not a fan of anything that is not white.
  14. All together now; TO THE HOLE!!!
  15. Well, his career in politics is over, let's hope his agent and publicist can get him a record deal so he can be back in the GOP's good graces in time to be Palin's running mate.