Joe Squad Vs Biscuits

Who will be victorious

  • Biscuits AB

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  • Joe Squad

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  • Neither will turn up cos they both sit down to wee

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  • Total voters
The X Factor thread throws up some interesting questions;

Who is gonna win?

Can their Regimental Boxing officers sort out a bout?

Are they both wussies really?

Who are you backing?

Shall I run a book?


No, It hasn't.

But some people seem to think that gobbing off and handing out insults is a one-way street.
Hours of entertainment for all the family.

Oh by the way Joe & Biscuits. My mate called you a poof.
Havn't laughed so much since my grandmother died. Oh, have they bought her into yet.
This thread and the other one should head towards the hole. Biscuits hasn't been this boring in a while.

I have to sit down to pee, nothing wrong with that. Otherwise I get backache from supporting the weight of my manhood.

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