Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JAY52, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. Don't know if this has already been posted, but whilst browsing through the Indy Comments section, I came across GLENTON who has now reinvented himself as a writer on all things Military.

    Incase nobody remembers, GLENTON made himself famous/target for ridicule when he done a Bunk 'Van Damme' style to OZ & Thailand for some time (AWOL) with his bird. Having decided he would like to come home, but realising he would be court martialed for cowardice as he had been called up for a another 'cooking scoff' tour of Afghan, prior to going on an extended holiday, he decided to contact the Communist, UK Establishment Hating, Lindsay GERMANS Stop The War Coalition, who kindly concocted the excuse for him of a CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR and the fact Glenton had 'seen the horrors of war' whilst serving up scoff in the cook house at Kandahar for a few months previously.

    I recall he got a lot of media attention crying about his 'morale stand' whilst many a soldier were pictured coming home in coffins through Wooton Bassett, which P*ssed me off no end. I've already posted my comments of him and his previous wretched took them a while to remove the comments and he does reply to his own articles which is odd.

    Feel free to vent your admiration or anger at Glenton and read his articles at:

    Joe Glenton - The Independent
  2. I have read nothing but the title of this thread and I invite you to **** off.

    Edit: I have read your feeble post and I now withdraw my offer for you to **** off and invite you to jump into a wood chipper head first.
  3. And?
  4. Crikey there may be a thread about this bounder already
  5. His bird was nice.

    I've mislaid my ticket for the Outrage Express.
  6. Run along now shall you.
  7. The Left is Strong in this thread.
  8. The cold war is over, you are not getting a medal and the SLR is shit.
  9. I've reported your post to Kent Constabulary.
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  10. Ah yes, but has that thread got the key outrage bus tickets highlighted in CAPITALS?
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  11. So your dissapointed that the rest of us don't give a shit?
    There are far more important things to get pissed off about.

    For example Hasbro have changed the rules of Risk! How dare they change the greatest game ever! The cause of many arguments, flipped tables and major strops.
  12. They're also planning to allow Proper Nouns as words in Scrabble.

    The *****.

    Changed the rules? Bastards!
  14. Great that's me done for then.
  15. Not you, you dribbling cockstain.
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