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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by brewmeister, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Just seen in today's Times that Joseph Ekins, who was credited with knocking out Michael Wittmann's Tiger in Normandy, died on 1st Feb aged 88.

  2. No doubt a brave an good Tank Gunner who took out 3 Tigers in one engagement.

    Saw an History channel doc that tried to confirm who fired the rounds that did the deed.

    Joe Ekins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    video reconstruction of the engagement here.....

    5/5 Michael Wittmanns Last-Battle - YouTube
  3. He carried on making 'Shoes'....


    The Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment to the tank, that the latter were most likely the killers.[12] There is no official Canadian record to support this conclusion, due the Fusiliers' Regimental Headquarter's halftrack being destroyed by a stray USAAF bomb.[14]

    Mmmmm convenient blue on blue......

    Say no more it was Joe that did it....

  4. Fair and understandable comment but, for me, the reconstruction seems to prove otherwise.

    Sounds like Joe wasn't fussed either way....the man definetely took out 3 Tigers, I'd be happy with that.

    I liked the comments from the Vets at the end.
  5. The SS Schwere 501 lost 5 Tigers and Kampgruppe Waldmuller lost 4 Stugs and 7 halftracks that day on the outskirts of Gaumesnil and St Aignan. They were engaged by the Sherbooke's, the Highland Division, the 2nd Northants and element of the 1st polish armoured.

    Frankly who killed Wittmann is secondary to the fact the SS had their arses well and truly kicked.

    RIP, Joe.
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  6. Is that how many we had available, or how many we needed to take them out.

    Either way, seconded.
  7. I like your signature - but it was Bill Slim's first CSM that gave him that sage advice. Credit where it's due!
  8. No, that's just who had ringside seats to 5 Shermans and 4 Fireflies* giving a Tiger Kompanie a good shoeing.

    *C Troop 1st Northants and part of B Squadron, Sherbrookes.
  9. I believe the official ratio was 5 Shermans to 1 Tiger, think that's bad the mighty T-34's ratio was 8/1.
  10. In pedant mode, it was SS Schwere 101 at the time, 501 was the later designation i believe.
  11. You're quite right. I stand corrected!
  12. Yep it was. My bad.

  13. I am sorry Joe has died. he was guest of honour at the D Day club dinner before Christmas and seemed in good form. He was a very modest man who went back to being a cobbler. Someone told me tjhat he hadnlt fiored a shot in anger until he engaged the four Tigers and was then posted to a job where he wasnlt a gunner any more.

    There are several ways of telling the story of 8th August.

    Ken Tout argues that Guy Simmonds laid an ambush for the germans and anticipated a counter attack, a bit like some of the better organised battles of 1917.

    The Germans argue that a handfull of German tanks stopped a four division thrust which could have broken through towards Paris.

  14. I can rembember seeing the man in person at the tank muesum in 2003 a veryun asuming man and it wasnt until someone a bit more knowagleable ID'd him and walked over to him and shook his hand and asked him about it did I releaise who it was. Wish I'd got him to sign a model kit for me!