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Joe Downey, Irish Guards, Ulster Defence Regiment, Royal Irish Regiment


War Hero
I noticed a post by a gentleman called Gordon Downey on Facebook today, in which he said that he had recently lost his father, who served with the Irish Guards, the Ulster Defence Regiment and the Royal Irish Regiment.

I asked Gordon whether he would like to copy his post to Arrse but he has asked me to do this on his behalf.

Gordon's words are as follows:


My father Joseph (Joe) Downey passed away suddenly at home on Friday 12th June 2020.

He served in England, Libya, Germany, Aden and Radfan as an Irish Guard.

He then joined the Ulster Defence Regiment, rising to the rank of Major.

He finished his time as Battalion 2i/c in 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Regiment.

He was awarded his Mention In Dispatches for being the longest serving Ops Officer in Belfast.

Joe Downey served in the Military for 35 years, his service spanning 3 Irish Regiments.

Joe’s funeral will be at Mulhollands Funeral Directors, Irish Quarter Street, Carrickfergus at 11am on Thursday 18th June 2020.

Burial will take place at Victoria Cemetery, Carrickfergus at 12 Midday.

A life of service well remembered.

All welcome in line with current Covid restrictions.

RIP Dad.



War Hero

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