Joe Calzaghe

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Welshexpat, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. Hello and welcome to my first topic!

    Maybe I have plonked it in the wrong place, do I look Bovvered?

    Seen us Welsh gits take some stick on this forum - Oh yeah - I am WELSH - maybe an ex-pat living in Sussex - maybe a plastic Welshman - don't speak it, bar the odd phrase which may come in useful at a sheep auction.

    But you wouldn't argue with Joe Calzaghe.

    You'd argue even less with Enzo Maccarinelli - watch THAT space!!!
  2. Don't argue with any Welsh people - Just abuse them ;-)

    On Joe - wonder if he will break his hands as per usual in the fight aginst Manfredo.
  3. i love joe calzaghe hes definatley one of the best showmen around just now and he can deliver too. hes cocky and self assured and it makes a great fight 99% of the time.
  4. "As per usual"????

    43 fights undefeated 30 odd by knockout - longest reigning world champion (insert Jeremy Clarkson voice here) IN THE WORLD

    Its HAND - not 'hands' and he's done it with one before.

    Still - can't wait though
  5. most under rated fighter in the world,the yanks know how good he is by the way he tore apart lacey.this is why he cannot get opponents to step in a ring with him,the man is class and if sugar ray thinks he,s the best then who am i to argue! :D
  6. Wasn't worth Manfredo turning up, Hope he get's to fight some of the big names over the pond now. Get in there Joe, The best British fighter we've had for a long time.
  7. Was unfortunately a non-contest that got stopped to early however I think calzaghe is a great fighter, was a bit annoyed at the fans booing the american national anthem a bit off boo the fighter but not the national anthem. Especially when a large proportion of welsh people don't even know the words to their anthem.

    Back on thread though can't wait to see Joe get some real competition he's waited more than long enough.

    Can't wait for Khan to step up a level in the competiton he faces either.
  8. Im so dissappointed in joes fight I cant believe the fight got stopped how annoying
  9. Just seen the fight (i am 7 hours behind everyone else). Manfredo offered no defence when he was on the ropes, although he appeared unhurt and his corner was whinging when it was stopped, maybe they ought to learn the rules a little.

    I am disgusted that Joe Calzaghe hasn't had the opportunity to unify the world titles, bad management possibly?
  10. The guy wasn't defending himself , excellent refing , in the past too many fights have gone on too long with boxers being seriously injured and even killed .

  11. the guy should learn how to fight before giving it all the mouth and getting in the ring with someone of calzaghe's quality " I'm the real Rocky Balboa" Indeed
  12. Agree 100%

    He was head down and taking hits... no defence!

    Well done Ref.
  13. So obviously out classed that the stoppage was a fair one. Not fair to expect Joe to carry on and maybe have a Watson on his record.
    Damn though, isn't he exciting to watch. Maybe we could offer him a place as trainer to booties or matelots "How to Fight"