Joe Calzaghe Retires

I am glad he has enough sense to listen to those around him and go whilst he still has a mind and his health.

Good on the man. Although there is chat in the media about him being "one of the best" British boxers ever, I'd love to know who else they think is up there with him. IMO, head and shoulders above the rest and by all accounts, a good guy with it.

I wish him well for his retirement.
That's his hanger on's screwed then.

Fair play though, despite the fact I think he's an arrogant tw4t (though with his record I can see why), there's no doubting his ability.
Top man (for a Welshie), amazing record, I've enjoyed watching him (in a non Jarrod way), wonderfull in victory as in defeat. Enjoy a long retirement.
Bydandy said:
Top bloke, glad he's done the sensible thing. Shouldn't ever contemplate a'comeback'.
Indeed, i hope he doesn't. Sky should sign him up, failing that, if ITV are serious about bringing boxing back to the masses, sign him.

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