Joe Calzaghe Gives Job to GC Winner.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. Well done Joe.
  2. Joe your a top man
  3. A very British name there.
  4. I know Joe through a mutual friend. A nicer bloke you'll find hard to meet.
    This is totally in keeping with his character.

  5. Is he going to 'rescue' all the other bods who have left and are struggling, or did having the GC help in this??
    Sorry fair play to Finney for getting this job, but lets think of this properly, theirs loads of blokes now ex-iraq or afghanistan who need help.

    Fair play to Joes PR team, sounds better having a GC winner than just an ordinary bod on the team.
  6. Joe has done his bit rather than jump on the outrage bus, he can't employ them all. Can you?
  7. Chris is a very unassuming and decent guy. Good for him!
  8. Probably a tax doging parasitic student or a bearded unwashed scruffy non English speaking tax dodging....wait same type of person isn't it?
  9. Mind you, what a shame such an awesome British boxer has to be identified with reference to effing Strictly before the public know
    who he is.

    I suppose that's what happens when you all your best fights were on Sky.

    Good on him.
  10. Like Calzaghe you mean?
  11. Fair enough on Joe for getting him a job that will help support H4H, and I admire the courage he showed in winning his GC but I'm confused here.

    What makes him any different than any other bloke who's left the Army after "falling out of love with it"? Loads of soldiers leave the army and go into relatively low paid work. Some even end up living on the streets. The bloke had a job and, I assume, a roof over his head. Other leave the army with debilitating injuries and missing limbs after serving.

    Perhaps Mr Calzaghe could have helped one of the homeless or limbless ex servicemen instead. I'm not saying that this chap isn't deserving of a break, far from it, but there are other worthy and more immediate causes.

    Sorry if this annoys anyone but it's a niggling thought I couldn't get out of my head on reading all this.
  12. Really amazed at the criticism/bile that some people feel the need to vent here.

    1. Having a GC does set him apart and he should get preferential attention.
    2. Why have people fallen into the socialist mindset of "why should he get special treatment?". Ask yourselves this: why are you advocating everyone be reduced to the lowest common denominator?

    Instead of whining "what about all the others, why didn't Joe pick one of them?", may I suggest you take up the subject of pish poor treatment of veterans up with the cycloptic cúnt in No.10 Downing Street?
  13. or even Skjold.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well done Joe - top thing to do. Well done Chris, you've landed on your feet, doing something just as worthwhile as when you were serving.

    For those carping on and saying things like 'cor, just cos he got a GC', you are forgetting just WHY Joe employed him, and for what role.

    Joe Calwotsisname is doing a bunch of work to raise funds for Help for Heroes, including a charity dinner, and he's employing Chris to get it organised. What better way to go about it?