Joe Biden--the "gift" that keeps on giving

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. And this one said this.......

  2. No he didn't, and not germane to this thread.
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  3. I beg to differ.

    George W. Bush: The “Mission Accomplished” Fiasco | Veterans Today

    I also believe that he stated that a few hours after the aircraft carrier antics, he gave a speech announcing the end of major combat operations in the Iraq war.....essentially a mission accomplished

    Why is it not germane to this thread? It is about US politicians and I understand that Bush was a US politician.

    Ah wait, I am on your ignore list because I disagreed with things you said and you could not accept the truth.
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  4. Well, while Biden is an oaf with a scattergun mouth, that's a dumb thing to say in a country with a Founder worship complex, however he may have a point there.

    I have the impression Joe Public gets more aerated about their opportunities to earn or consume getting curtailed and political freedoms are a distant second. Every administration since WWII has eroded constitutional rights, there have been expansions as well but they are rarer. The Patriot Act was perhaps the most abusive of fine American ideals and sadly it was only really challenges by the feeble leftward fringe and then more in a act of anti-Dubya partisanship than principle. The same people are largely sangune about Barry's extension of the Presidents extra-judicial privileges.
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  5. Most Americans I speak to tend to only give a shit about the constitution when it supports their argument.

    I am not, necessarily, tarring all yanks with the same brush here - the above statement just happens to be true.
  6. My apologies, that was not the link I meant to put up. The one below is the one I should have put up

    2003 Mission Accomplished speech - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I also note that he stated

    Online Speech Bank: President George W. Bush - Announces the End of Combat Operations in Iraq (5-01-03)

    Yet, Iraq was not involved in terrorism, so whats he on about?

    He also states

    I bet those who have died since making that comment would be quite surprised.


    My my and I though Blair was a ****.

  7. Going back to the OP picture of Biden - considering how polarised the political landscape has become and how poisoned the political discourse is, posting a picture of 'Biden the Buffoon' with a purported quote without sourcing said quote is no longer good enough or credible. There are too many monied interests at play on both sides of the aisle subverting the US political process as a whole, which weakens the nation and emboldens America's enemies.
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  8. The only politicians I have listened to in the last 10 years who have taken the US Constitution seriously have been a Yank and a Brit, Ron Paul and Dan Hannan.
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  9. Having engaged in discussion with various septics over the years and observed them arguing among themselves, I have come to the conclusion that the actions of any US politician that any american is riled up about are always described as "unconstitutional".

    It always confirms my belief that the UK's "unwritten" constitution does us perfectly nicely thank you very much.
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  10. I look forward to specific examples. In the meantime, I think that while some of what you say may occur (usually by those who have little clue about the Constitution), I can say categorically that almost without exception every presidential administration since Teddy Roosevelt's has acted at various times and in various ways ultra vires of either or both its letter and spirit (in terms of principles and values imbued in the Constitution).

    The trajectory of this executive branch effrontery shown to our controlling legal document is however markedly more pronounced over the last 23 years with ever-increasing frequency and severity as reflected in such things as the "PATRIOT Act" and the proliferating use of unilateral executive orders that usurp the clear province of the legislative branch.

    Indeed our current Master is on record numerous times in speaking of the Constitution (when it serves His purposes--when otherwise He callously wraps himself in the Constitution) as being "inconvenient" to His radical progressivist policies and plans.

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  11. One could add several others--Rep. Paul Broun of Ga, Sen. Paul of west Virginia and former Senator Demint of SC.

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  13. I wouldn't know about them mate, but then you have probably never heard of my MP either, come to think of it he is a bit of a grey man and most of his constituents have no idea who the **** he is.