Joe Bananas / ENVY Camberley

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Danny_Dravot, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. The management of this world famous establishment have barred all mil personnel, irrespective of rank / appointment.

    Not very nice is it?
  2. In short no, personally I think it's a disgrace. It's more common than you think, allot of bars in Guildford have the same policy.

    Wednesday night in there is still good though!
  3. I was once told by the bouncers at a nightclub in Chatham that they wouldn't let me in, because I was in the Army.... when I asked him if he would repeat that to a policeman and pulled out my mobile phone he looked like he was going to hit me and moved me away.
  4. apparently perfectly legal too, licencees can bar who they like....

    and whilst its acceptable to ban squaddies, i suspect criminal prosections would rapidly ensue if the put up a sign saying.........

    "No military personnel, Blacks or Gays"
  5. It's their loss, the amount of cash that we put over those places that do allow us in is huge!!

    So FCUK EM! That's what I say!

    Alternatively, lets ALL turn up and see what they say then!!!
  6. its a shitehole anyway.
  7. Its an utter disgrace....2 mates tried to get in, one of whom had been back from the sandpit for less than 24hrs (both Majs) and was told bluntly no entry purely because he was Army....he explained that he'd just given 7 months of his life for Q&C and thanks very much.......

    i think we should drop this chap an email, i've always found him very pro-forces and quick to repsond.........
  8. Joe Bananas - a trip down memory lane for most graduates of the RMAS? However it is a frightful fecking hole...get in a cab and go to Pantiles instead.
  9. Being banned can also be a good thing. I remember a lot of the beautiful women I used to pick up in there who always "morphed" next morning into disgusting trolls when I woke up....dam that alcohol!!!

    No more diseases for me then.....yippee
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Perhaps try being a little more subtle with the dress and attitude on arrival. How do they know you are Army? Probably because you look like a squaddie.
  11. why dont you introduce the molotov cocktail to the place???
  12. im 50 years old and proud of looking like a squaddie: maroon sweat shirt, levi`s and dessy boots...............problem???
  13. i thought the red moleskins, checked shirt and celsea boots hid it quite well?
  14. When I was in Aldershot doing resettlement I tried to get into a bar called Pig and Tail in Camberley..but no joy because I was a squaddie. I think it was called pig and tail or something similar.

    Regarding how do doorman know your squaddies, well guys showing ID cards dont help, but even when you show civie type ID.such as driving licence and it states your address which is no where near the bar your trying to get into, that kind of gives it away.

    Regardless...isnt stopping people gaining entrance into a bar because of their profession prejudice??
  15. trust me i look very un-military...almost every CR/OJAR has verified this!!!!

    It is discriminatory, but apparently, perfectly legal...the management can bar who they like