Joe and Jullian, they would make a lovely couple.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fiona_TG, May 28, 2013.

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  1. So here we have a piece in last Thursday's Guardian. Joe (Glenton) has (by the utterings attributed to him in the article) certainly come on in recent years to become a good leftie, he is using many phrases that could well spring from an approved phrasebook. If he wants to be taken seriously I would suggest that he updates his patter. I also notice from the various quotes that I see in passing attributed to Julian (Assange) that he has adopted the same kind of right on, unoriginal rhetoric.

    It occurred to me that they could make a very well suited loved up couple, perhaps a nice ceremony for the pair conducted by the Taliban, I'd love to see the photos.

    Woolwich attack: of course British foreign policy had a role | Joe Glenton | Comment is free | The Guardian
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  2. Comments have been removed for legal reasons, I wonder what sort of comment this shit attracted?
  3. Oh yes, I did notice that and wondered. In the interests of open society can we ask Wikileaks to get hold of the comments and publish please? Julian is probably on the case as I type, he will no doubt be oozing smug yet angry indignation at such shenanigans to keep his and Joe's public in the dark...
  4. I musty admit that part of me admired him for taking a principled stand however that was before I looked more closely into his background. Going diffy prior to a deployment was just plain selfish as some other bod clearly had to take his place. I'm not saying he was a coward, going AWOL out of fear however he did it totally the wrong way. Had he signed off, gone through the process properly, he would be regarded as a principled young man who had served his country and stood up for his beliefs, an admirable trait. As it is, his name will always leave a nasty taste in the mouth. I believe there was an ex-SAS bod who resigned over his oppostion to ops in Iraq, this was I believe going back to about 2006 /2007. The same stand as Glenton however having gone about it properly by leaving the Army first, he has a standing that Glenton will never, ever achieve.
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  5. Glenton and his ilk seem to imagine that when British troops leave Afghanistan next year all islamic militancy in Britain will end the moment the last soldier leaves. It very certainly will not.
    The islamics will be emboldened by the departure which they will claim was the British government caving in to their demands, they will then justify the continuance of their campaign by demanding rectification of other "grievances", British support for Israel possibly, refusal to officially implement sharia law, non islamic police in "islamic areas", refusal to make islam a state religion in the manner of the Church of England, the list is endless.
    Lenin called those such as Glenton and Assange "useful idiots", thats exactly what they are. useful to the left and useful to islam.
    As to their "marriage" that could be conducted in the prison where they both should be.
    On a different note I am aware that islam should have a capital I, in order to show my utter contempt for that foul philosophy, and its adherents, I point blank refuse to adhere to the norms of grammer in this matter.
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  6. I just get the uneasy feeling he "opted" out because of fear and all this follow on bollocks is a smokecreen designed to mask his cowardice. It might just be better in the long run if he coughed for that.
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  7. Agreed. He never will admit it though, and certainly not to himself.
  8. I suspect you are right, I don't suppose he will find the moral fibre to desert his leftie mates as quickly as he dropped his colleagues in it and so he condemns himself to a future of being an untouchable.
  9. It might also have helped if he hadn't gone back-packing around Asia for a year before suddenly finding his conscience and finding he 'must' speak out against this terrible injustice. If his politico-humanitarian cause was so good he should have immediately contacted the media and made his feelings public from 'my hiding place'.

    With regard to the quoted article and on a pedantic note; the UK aren't in Afghanistan to target Muslims they're there to protect the vast Muslim majority against the Taliban and insurgents who would subdue the general populace and force them back to a stone age feudal enslavement.
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  10. And I beleive he picked up an antipodean bride on the way! Surprised he found time to get a conscience however it was certainly a novel defence at his CM.
  11. Glenton doubtless feels at home among his new friends, they treat him as a hero, (not something he was used to before), presumably nod sagely at his every utterance and treat him with the respect that he feels is his due. At least to his face.
    What these middle class lefties say about him behind his back may be another matter. If he had half a brain he'd have left a small recording device behind whilst he made his excuses and took a ten minute break to make a cup of coffee. In the privacy and squalor of his bedsit he could play it back. He may find it instructive.
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  12. A stone age feudal enslavement they will be returning to within weeks of US and UK troops leaving.
  13. Whatever happened to Assange?
  14. Aye, Where is that fella, He seemed to just dropped off the public radar.

    He still isn't in that bloody embassy is he?