Jody McIntyre speshul poetry corner

I am an avid fan of poetry and apparentley so is Jody Mcintyre. I thought I would upload some of his work for all the poetry buffs on arrse.


Jody McIntyre
Throw him on a fire
Or give a punt
And kick him in the cunt
Self serving attention seeker,whose only use in this world would be,to throw him under the wheels of my 4x4,to give me more grip when I get stuck in the mud! :excited:
I'd be fuckin' fuming if I had paid to see that just for him to come on stage pissed as a fart - he can't even hold the mike! Didn't he see Winehouse in Serbia?
Please look at me I'm in a chair
You have to look, you have to care!!
I've really got a lot to say
I might have a girls name but I'm not gay (I think)

I think I take the system on
But you just think I'm a fucking mong
I like to think I fight the good fight
But actually your fucking right

I never mean to cause afront
It's not my fault Im just a cunt.
So if you see me rant and shout
Grab my chair and tip me out!

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