Jody Mcintyre shoeing.

Everything he stands for (or perhaps that is the wrong turn of phrase :mad:) makes me want to destroy.

Additionally red baton strike areas are reserved especially for this acne ridden disease.
Jody Mcintyre will never know how it feels to make love to a women, he will never be able to dance or play the piano, and he cannot wipe his arse or have a wank without his mum there to help him.
Can't blame him, if I'd been born licking my elbows and having my bottom wiped by others id be a reet annoying little cunt too..he should do what a lot of flids do and spend the rest of his life stoned in front of Minder re-runs munchying away on Kettle Chips and massive toblerones.
From his own blog,

"It was an epic mission to the top. Nine floors; eighteen flights of stairs. Two friends carried my wheelchair, and I walked. We couldn’t give up now.

When we finally made it to the roof, a feeling of calm descended. I looked over the edge; thousands of students, three massive bonfires and masses of passion still occupied the courtyard. The Tory’s HQ was on it’s last legs. And we were on the roof."

Week 72 – Tory Party HQ | Life on Wheels
Jody Mcintyre, I'd use his face as my arsewipe.
And the best of it is that he would'nt even be able to raise his hands to his face to wipe it off.

Have a look at how much of a self serving, self righteous, socialist turd he is.


......... According to him the police are a corrupt, sponsored armed gang.


............ Dribble, dribble ............. Fart ............ MLLAAAARRRRR

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