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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Technocratic_Turbine, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. Seeing as though this individual likes to cultivate a reputation for being an utter tit and another upstart in an endless sea of such lifeforms. I suspect that some here may have already 'posit' their views to him. I'd like to know if anyone from ARRSE has posted on his blog, if so what did you say? I've found these comments:

    Now, the last comment seems quite "ARRSEish".
  2. Saw him on the news yesterday, gobby little twat.
    "After proving them wrong, and eighteen wasted years of education, I decided to go and see the world, and travelled around South America for three months on my own. ".
    18 years and who paid for that? Little ungratful prick angry because he can't get on the tube.

    Edited to add: Don't read his "Poems" your brain will bleed.
  3. you have to link me now, i love shite poems
  4. I can't believe all the people fawning over him, there's a performance artist (1), a gay activist who thinks he's wonderful and an assortment of other fringe companions.

    1. Who likes to take photos of sanguine-soaked knickers nailed to the wall. I didn't stay around long enough to see whether the sanguine stain was blood or not.

  5. **** off you'll have me up for Warcrimes spreading his shite around.
  6. found it,******* hell if he was anymore up his own arse, he'd disapper
  7. that actully made me laugh quite loudly- nice one
  8. Western will be along soon to tell us of the evil Met thugs. Tutbine change the thread title to include some reference to Police, hit post and time how long it takes Western to reply.
  9. b@stards, both of you - that's seconds of my life that i'll never get back and excruciating rhyming couplets that will scar my mind forever........where's a compo brief banner ad when you need one?
  10. Shut up ya big girls blouse I warned ya. Well not you specifically, it was more of a general warning type of thing.

  11. "And don't call me Shirley!"

    Righto Shirl. ;-)

    Has anyone posted a comment on that YouTube video? I made quite a scathing swipe on someone.
  12. A former Member of Arrse a devestatingly handsome beast by the name of theiftaker did, but stopped as arguing with flids on you tube is as effective as Whet at getting a job.
  13. Ive never met a cripple without a degree of attitude, ill move out of the way for one but I'm not shuffling behind one on the way to the car park ticket machine as no doubt the rubber legged **** will take hours to feed £2.40 into a slot just an inch out of reach.