Jodi's murderer to serve 20 years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. I doubt he will serve 20yrs :roll:
  2. So do I. [rant on] And like that tw@t Bamber, will probably be convinced of his own innocence in years to come and waste taxpayers money on appeals.

    Where's Albert Pirrepoint when you need him? [/rant off]
  3. Hang him, hang him high!!!!!
  4. Even if they could they wouldn't because he's only 16! :evil:

    And once more they're trying to help put the blame on the music he listens to! It's not Marilyn Manson's fault if some fruitloop listens to his music and then goes and butchers his girlfriend!! It's not like he told him to! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  5. 20 years on a character assesment, and resonable doubt, imagaine the sentence he would have got if they had, had any actual evidence? probabley done it though.
  6. Not expressing a view on what should happen, but wouldnt be surprised if some form of appeal is forthcoming.

    As the judge said, this was a truly evil crime, one of the 'worst' in Scotland in recent years. This youngster is clearly 'disturbed', and apparently affected by massive cannabis intake over a long period, as well as other aspects of his strange lifestyle. (Cause or effect?) Opens up a whole debate on the nature of criminal responsibility, especially of 'children'. Assuming he did do it, his cool and rational constant denial of involvement will not have helped.

    re Marilyn Manson, I've had a good deal of errr home exposure to his music over several years, what can I say, I dont think it has made me any more disturbed than would otherwise be the case :wink:
  7. the old joint isn't going to much harm.
    but use it day in day out especially the new stuff thats about 20 to 30 times as strong as the orginal dope and your going to be (':twisted:').
    had a friend who took nearly 30 years to kill himself with cannabis went compleltely off his trolley at the end death was caused by an overdose of anti psychotics. Takes about 10 years to drink yourself to death. Smack if you don't get an OD or abcesses or HIV or killed by one of your "junkie mates" you can go on for decades. Crack you'll run out of money fast and then everything falls apart.
    the times are reporting lots of teenage girls are writing to the twat .
    Marilyn Manson is suppousd to be a joke he's not ment to be taken seriously (':roll:')
  8. Exactly, if people just listened to his music they would understand that its all just an excuse to piss people off and make money. Same goes for eminiem. Alll the people who were outraged at his lyrics and attitude fell in to his trap. He did exactly so that they would moan about him and give him huge publicity. Seems to work well :roll:

    As for mansons music i personally think he makes a quality rock tune (you can play air guitar, it has rocking choruses and some quieter bits to build up to yet another bitching chorus) Kind of like Guns and Roses

  9. Aye - nice thumpy drums....thump...thump....mmmm....hypnotic.....right where's me chainsaw 8O

    He gets my vote.
  10. :roll:

    Here's hoping that little shit never gets let out, but he'll be out before he's 30 :(
  11. Marilyn Mansons music was also blamed for the Columbine massacre. If you watch Micheal Moore's film "Bowling for Columbine" he explores all the possible things that would have sent the two kids mad!!!

    Also Clockwork Orange was banned by it's creater after a copycat attack was carried out.

    It seems some people are very, very easily swayed by these sort of mediums. Or the rot was already there, and just needed a catlyst. Very deep thoughts on route!!! :D

    But I still say, and fcuk his age, hang the sh1t, hang him high.
  12. I heard they were more into Rammstein than Marylin Manson the guys who done Columbine, but Marylin Manson was focused on more as he was seen to be more outrageous.
  13. Hanging's too good for the little turd, something a bit more unpleasent is called for methinks. TBH I was expecting a not proven verdict since I wasn't convinced they'd proved it beyond reasonable doubt, I still reckon he did it though.

    Anybody seen the other girlfriend? She looks so much like Jodi it's scary.
  14. Buggerit wrote

    Neither the judge or prosecution lawyer said so. The issue was the similarity between Jodie’s wounds post mortem and those in a painting credited to Manson, not a song. Keep up or refrain from comment.

    Buggerit. One reason why jury trials are not a good idea.
  15. King Nothing didn't know that, I never heard of Rammstein to be honest.

    Remember reading in a porn mag, no seriously, a piece about censor ship of things. In particular that of wilfull rape(?) is that the word when the women actually likes is or wants it to happen?

    Anyway, it seems that the writer believed that censors ban things that could cause you to do the things that are portrayed. Hold on lost my train of thought....

    Ah, there it is. There is a big gap at the moment reference such music/films/pictures in what actually happens. This kid for example. Did he always have this sick side to him? Or was he swayed by what he saw? Thinking about all this just sends me to the drinks cabinet!!!

    To believe that he was always sick, is to believe that a baby is born preprogrammed if you will.

    How ever kids, I beleive, are generally moulded by their environment. Especially the parents.

    So was this kid, like the judge said, just trying to evil for the badness of it. If so he was affected by Marlyn Manson, and censorship should take place. Or was he another of these kids who spend too much time alone or with other "weirdo" kids and simply lost a grip on reality? He may even have spent far too long on the t'internet. Did he realise that his mrs was not going to awaken from the ground and get up like a computer game? Did he even give a sh1t?

    Given that he has found a girlfriend who is identical, so I've read on this thread. I would definitly think he needs some kind of help.

    And if I was the father of girl number 2. She would be grounded for life!!!

    Fair one man in blue, how about mine clearence in the Balkans? If he survives that get him to the falklands then africa. If he is still going, get to the lab kid, you can take the place of that beagle!!!

    He can take that pr1ck huntley with him for company. And rose west. And that c*nt who won £7,000,000. He can fund the whole thing.

    Vote Chocy Frog for PM!!!

    Election pledge number 1. I will half the prison population!!!