Jodie supporting Sgt Slingsby & Holidays 4 Heroes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JodieGasson, May 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi Guys and Girls

    Firstly thank you for letting me join and I really hope you can help. My name is Jodie and I'm 20 years old, it was my Mums idea to join this forum (she was a pad brat) and ask for help from you guys.

    I'm a part time glamour model and am currently entered in a few competitions, I need a few more votes for UK Bikini Babes and was hoping you can help. If you go to the home page of my website all the info you will need is there. The address is and yes that really is my sister, she's a model too :D

    I really want to be a page 3 model and I have made it through to the final of Miss Page 3 idol and hopefully pics should be in the paper this week so I will need your votes then, although you are free to vote for others if you prefer them :D

    I apologise now if I have caused offense or posted this in the wrong place, if it all goes wrong I will blame my Mum!

    I would love to be a pin up for you guys and I'm hoping you will help me as much as you can.

    Jodie x
  2. lol yes, although he hasnt left school yet and loves his girlfriend very much :)
  3. Do you have msn and a webcam? :D
  4. Yes and No :D
  5. If only this was in the naafi
  6. Top tip for you, send me a selection of your piccies via PM, I am actually in the glamour promotions business, and can indeed assist you.

    Just a general selection will do for now, I will get back to you asap with my decision as to where i think your future might lay.
  7. I'll lend you one... May I suggest you put this post in the Naafi Bar... you'll find a classier bunch of men in there than in the Intelligence Cell!
  8. If I didn't have to pay I would have voted for you ;-)
  9. Nice approach Jodie and welcome.

    Over the next few pages you will be asked to squat over a glass table, show your axe wound, let a baboon insert things in your bottom....... Ignore all of these and ride the storm.

    I like that your first post isn't me me me me look at me me me me and I imagine you will be taken favourably.

    Don't confuse my being nice with wanting you, I am out of your league and far too handsome.

    Ignore the pests and parasites and stick around.
  10. Those pics in the public loo are class.
  11. Oh God,this will only end in tears.
  12. How do I vote, for some inexplicable reason my eyesight seems to be failing me...
  13. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

  14. Sorry, I'm not blonde or daft, you can however see pics on my website :D
  15. Welcome Jodie, do you have a piccy of you just riding the storm? 8)