Jocks to wear skirts!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by MrPVRd, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. (apologies to the teuchters ;) )

    It appears that the new Royal Regiment of Scotland will have bare knees. This is all very well for the shortbread-tin image of the Scottish soldier but flies in the face of centuries of the Lowland tradition of the trews.

  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I read the article yesterday and this is not exactly breaking news. This was known when the decision to 'merge' the Scottish Regiments was made. The only argument has been round the tartan and various accoutrements.
  3. I suppose one could make that argument as 'centuries', but many Lowland regiments didn't actually get 'tartan' trews until the end of the 19th century-ish.

    Apparently the Royal Scots Fusiliers never really wanted them. (probably still reflected in the current attitude of the RHF) While the HLI, being stuck with tartan trews, wanted the kilt, which it regained post WW2 then lost when almagamated with RSF.
  4. If you study the history of Scottish Regiments, their uniform, and orders from 'Horse Guards' he may not be far off.
  5. I`m under the same impression as RC. In fact i`m sure that the Lowlanders didn`t start wearing the trews until after Cardwell,and then the trews were of Govt No 1 tartan,ie; Black Watch. The KOSB didn`t start to wear trews of "Leslie Tartan" until 1900,and the Royal Scots didn`t wear "Hunting Stuart" until 1907. However I would never underestimate or challenge the"Scottishness" of the Lowlanders in general.

    I can sympathise with certain sections who are angred by their Regiment becoming Kilted,and my stance would probably be similar to them if it were decided to put Highlanders in Trews as No;2s (Ceremonial/ No;1s/ etc).

    However the kilt is now seen as the national dress of Scotland,with some of the best tartan weaved in the borders.This is promoted in a big way by all the kilt shops on Princess Street/Royal Mile etc,ie Edinburgh,which we all know is in the Lowlands.

    I think the new "dress uniform" will be horrific. Just look at the dress worn by The Highland Band/Lowland Band of the Scottish Division. By the way the new Regiment will have just one military band,and some of the musicians will be facing either transfer/redundancy.

    Basically the uniform issue looks like another case of divide and conquer. :evil:
  6. It will be interesting to see how they apply this to the TA battallions. I for one have no intention of purchasing the new rig, I'm sure there'll be a few in the same boat.
  7. I suppose it depends whether the TA Battalions, while being battalions of the RRS, keep their Company-level affiliations.

    As an aside, in the 1980s there was still a set of kilted Royal Scots mess dress held at No.1 Company of 2/52 Lowland from the days of the "Dandy Ninth" - 9th (Hldrs) Bn RS (until some fat, useless, b**tard called Steve disappeared with it).
  8. Ah I remember him well.
  9. Where's Busterdog?
  10. He's kept his head down since he mis-sold some insurance policies to a brother (well, sister) officer. Not sure what he's up to now.
  11. Right here GROWNUPS! Must confess I'm not surprised, as someone pointed out earlier in the thread, it's been common knowledge for some time now that RRS would be kilted. Though the great danger is that the SCOTS will be dressed in some parody of all five former regiments. Let's see, Government tartan, red and white diced hose, black buttons on the spats, Gordon's sporran, subdued buttons and collar dogs (a' la Royal Scots officers service dress) Argyll's glengarry with a blackcock feather, black patent leather belt (in memory of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)) and red roses on Minden Day (as a sop to the KOSB). In TOS:- black hackle for 1SCOTS, red/white (old HLI) 2SCOTS, red 3SCOTS, blue 4SCOTS, white for 5SCOTS.

    Badgers all over the world can now exhale though I think ostriches will be gulping nervously as all pipers and drummers will wear feather bonnets (so the BW can keep the red hackle).

    Regimental march quick time "Blue Bonnets". Slow time "The Borderers". Charge "Braes o' Mar" (had to slip those in).

    RHQ and museum Edinburgh Castle, perhaps with a satellite museum at Perth.

    Apart from that there'll be no change!!!

    Can't really summon up the energy to become irate over uniforms/accoutrements as it's a brand new regiment. Though I'm still p****d at those nyaffs disguised as Regimental Colonels (except the Colonel of the 25th) who allowed the decimation to happen! Next!
  12. That was after his starring RSO role?

  14. :lol:
  15. Out of interest what is the current attitude of the RHF? They seem to being vilified for something but no one is being explicit as to why.