Jocks to get free beaver in 2009 ...

Heard this earlier on the Jeremy Whine show ...

Beavers could be released in 2009
Plans are in the pipeline for beavers to be released into the Scottish wild for the first time in 500 years.
Wildlife bodies have asked the Scottish Government for a licence to allow about 20 beavers to be set free in Argyll in 2009.
The Scottish Wildlife Trust and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland believe the animals will improve the eco-system and boost tourism.
Beavers were hunted to extinction in Scotland in the 16th Century.
The mammals, best known for their dam building and tree felling skills, have been successfully reintroduced elsewhere in Europe, including parts of Germany and the Netherlands.
The licence application submitted to the Scottish Government is for a trial reintroduction of European beavers in the Knapdale Forest in Mid-Argyll.

Important role
The bid follows the publication of the results of a two-month long local consultation.
The survey showed almost three quarters of people in Mid-Argyll backed the beaver plan, but more than half of those living directly around Knapdale were opposed to the scheme.
Beavers are thought to play an important role in aquatic and wetland eco-systems, and on the wider biodiversity of the area in which they live.
Allan Bantick, chairman of the Beaver Project Steering Group and trustee of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, said: "We are delighted that this licence application has now been submitted and we look forward to conducting a full scientific trial of the first formal reintroduction of a native mammal into the wild in the UK.
"The first beavers could be reintroduced to Mid-Argyll in spring 2009.
"Once we get the green light from the Scottish Government we will develop the detailed plan for the trial taking into consideration issues raised during the consultation."


I wonder if they taste like scampi fries?

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