Jockistani politicians lose the plot - again!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. HERE

    The saying "using a hammer to crack a nut" comes to mind.

  2. Nothing to see here, the clip I saw on the local news last night, she said "No"
  3. What about the players who eat a lump of grass and cross themselves when they run onto the pitch? Are they liable to prosecution?
  4. Anything involving that useless bovine item, Roseanna Cunningham will turn into a clusterf**k. She was environment minister during the last Gov, during which time she proved that she knew less about the environment than Greasy Tony and his mob. As proof, just have a look at the unworkable change in marine conservation (seals) act. Marine Scotland still has no method of formally approving marksmen to the criteria that THEY asked for! Just use non- lethal methods for now: for you and me that means scaring.

    I look forward to seeing how she upsets the rest of Scotland now.
  5. Flawed to say the least...... so a local derby Celtic v Rangers (50k crowd) all singing or doing anything they can to rile each other, we're gonna need a bigger gaol!!! Sarge!
  6. Or just lock the gates!
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    There are a couple if incidents which spring to mind that may cover the question raised by the OP, at least I think among the cut n paste there was a question.

    Incident 1 - Celtic v Rangers. Celtic score, in celebration Celtic's goalkeeper turns round to the fans - Rangers fans, and pointedly makes the sign of a cross - I can't remember the keeper but I do remember the incident (from TV as I would never go near a Tims v Jaffas match! - sectarian but towards both sides :) )

    Incident 2 - Rangers v Celtic. Rangers score, Rangers player pantomimed playing a flute aka Loyalist Flute Band. (This was Gazza) and he was yellow carded for it).

    Both incidents relatively minor but both the type which can and does inflame fans and could prove to be flashpoints. So in answer to the OPs question and one from another about crossing oneself - then yes, it can be a sectarian act and would be covered by the Act.

    Cunninghame is not the sharpest tool in the box (and the Scottish parliament has a lot of tools!) but something has to be done to get rid of sectarianism in Scotland, especially between the so called Old Firm fanbase. Don't use and twist politician's faults and defects to break down necessary legislation.

    IMO politicians of all parties, churches of all denominations and the public as a whole should support measures to get rid of this from Scottish life. If Cunninghame fucks up, ther help her out, don't use it to score minor points for political purposes - this is more serious than petty politics.
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  8. Bearing in mind this, err.......... 'animosity' between the two teams has been going on for many, many years - why I said it was 'flawed', was due to the idiocy of an MP saying that they are not allowed to do it anymore, is somewhat pointless!
  9. Banning the half wits who travel from Northern Ireland for these matches might be a start. It would give the Jock police some breathing space to deal with their own home grown *********.
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  10. Point taken Auld Yin, however my point is that something of this importance should not be left to someone who in the past has ignored professional advice and evidence to go 'her' own way ( we have an audio recording of her to this effect). Churches of all flavours cannot be trusted with this, evidence from the past has shown that they will play to the home team. That leaves the polis, who will be left in the middle trying to unravel something that may be totally unworkable.
  11. Reading this has filled me with pleasure that I do not live in Scotland.
  12. Just wait for an old firm match and nuke Glasgow; simples! :)
  13. Easiest way to sort this is to ban crowds and TV coverage from any flashpoint matches.

    Money talks....
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  14. If people are so permanently inflamed with loathing and lacking in self-control to the extent that they regularly become enraged to the point of violence at the sight of someone crossing themselves, or at hearing either of their own national anthems sung, there is little point trying to keep them apart. They will just set about each other elsewhere.
  15. Auld Alec and his gang of pictish man flesh eating savages, is just trying to clear the field for his own new national anthem for the independant Scotland. Which I suspect will go like this:

    The New Scottish national Anthem (Sung to the familiar tune “FLOOOWWWERRRR O’ SKIRRRTLAND)

    Oh Alex Salmond, we know your heids, right up your errse
    That bankrupted Scotland and squandered all o’ that loot
    Before turning southward, to scrounge again