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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by blonde_guy, May 20, 2007.

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  1. Can't really say - it's part of a deception plan?
  2. Honorary Colonel, 73 Engineer Regiment (V)
  3. I was wondering about that as well.... what is the top man wearing a head dress that is not even of his service?
    If it was him visiting as an Honorary Colonel then surely he would be wearing the Colonel's Rank of said Unit?
    Added to that it does not appear that there are many RE Stationed with the Iraqi Airforce, other wise the article would have featured them.
    Could it be he has lost or left his hat behind and had to borrow one?
    Or is it some super sneaky avoidance of being targeted by the bad guys?
    May be some one more grown up can offer an explanation?
  4. Because he is a walt. Also why is he wearing head dress on the flight line?
  5. Easy,

    Honorary Colonel 73 Engineer Regiment (Volunteers)


  6. All,

    Their currently a thread on this in the forums.... including the answer (correct as above) regarding the sapper headress... but no clues as to the RM stable belt he's sporting.
  7. What about the big, red, no parking stripe on his uniform below? What's that for? A half sucked Werthers Original to the first correct answer out of the bag.


    An only-just-date-expired packet of Viagra is offered for whoever tells me what a red sash means when worn by a senior NCO in the army.
  8. Denotes an infantry SNCO, comes from the days when SNCO's wore sashes, and then as they used their pikes in battle, the blood ran down the pikes and dirtied their hands, which they then wiped on the sash, creating a crimson sash!

    I think......

    Why the hell is the CDS wearing one then?
  9. I think that is the Sash worn by Knights of the Order of the Bath.

    Going back to the pic, he looks absolutely ridiculous with Crab shoulderboards and an Army beret.

    All these honorary appointments should be restricted to one's own Service.
  10. No, it is definitely the scarlet riband of a KCB/GCB.

    Actually I think he's wearing that particular beret as he thinks it would make him look suitably "Tri-Service" since he's visiting all UK Forces.

    In that case how's the Senior Service represented then??

    A pair of naval underpants?
  11. Stockings and suspenders under the CS95 for the Booties.
  12. Apparently the RN sent a runner with a naval insignia for him to wear however coming out of the Captain's Quarters, they turned left at the Galley, not right and ended up in Davy Jones's locker. Allegedly one of the female sailors gave then directions...

    ...hence no RN insignia
  13. Never mind the beret, he's also been to Specsavers !
  14. I bet he forgot to bring his own and borrowed his ADCs or some other hanger on!