Jock Stirrup Kicked Upstairs

Going to be a cross-bench peer.

With his track record I was sure he was heading straight to the cheap seats alongside Kinnock(s), Mandleprat, Prescott and co
Was anything less expected for this stooge.......if he has been elevated to step into TGarden's shoes.......he'll need alot more than he's shown to date. Thank you for being so compliant.heres your pentionnd a couple of perks...youv'e sold everyone else for it, you deserve it.
Just fulfilling a Labour promise of course.........and Er Jock has nothing to say about SDRS?? he won't and he cannot claim any reason of principal tat prevented him from doing so when he was serving...sycophantic cock gobbler
From Today's DT .... quote attributed to the PM Cameron "I also want to thank him for the considered advice and remarkable support he has provided to me as we worked together on critical issues, in particular the Strategic Defence and Security Review."
[my bold]
I find that statement very worrying

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